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Path of Balance (New)

Keywords: Maintaining, Establishing, Compromise, Negotiation

There are a number of ways of playing Balance: Some assess the spectrum of the party and provide a balancing aspect to it. Others remain centered regardless of what is around them. Others try to actively straddle the line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The interpretation of the principle should be justifiable to the character, and they may be called upon to do so by the power they worship.

As a Priest or particularly devout character

You cast in the name of Life, Order, Chaos, Death and Balance, you should attempt to keep all the paths in mind in all dealings. Do not unduly favour castings of one path over others.

Anything that looks like this is a restricted casting that needs requesting from the Character Ref. In addition, your character must be of the minimum rank indicated before they can learn the casting.

Low Level
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Regrow 1
High Level Rank to learn
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
15 20 30 40 55 70
Regrow 2 Regrow 3 Regrow 4
Regrow <n>

Range: Touch
Duration: Special
Type: Non-Stackable
Target: Person
The touched location (even if it has been severed/crushed) regains the amount of Body Points per minute as follows:

Location Rate
Arm/Leg <n>
Chest <n> – 1
Head <n> – 2

(where a rate is zero or negative no Body Points can be regained to that location). The recipient also receives an equal amount of Life Points.

The location only needs to be touched to begin the Regrow process, it is not necessary to continue to touch the location. However, if you continue to touch the location and Concentrate (and additionally cannot move or talk), the rate of recovery is multiplied by 2. If you break concentration the rate of recovery returns to normal and cannot be increased again for the remaining duration of the Regrow.

Regrow can be cast down by 1 level in order to Regrow multiple locations at once. This happens before the level reduction for the purposes of how much healing is received, or the doubling for Concentration

Example: Trader Joe has found a very unfortunate wounded black knight on the road who no longer has any arms and legs. He casts Regrow 2 down as Regrow 1 to regrow both his arms at once. After 15 minutes, each arm receives 15 Body Points and the knight receives 30 Life Points. If Trader Joe had provided his Luxury Bedside Care package and concentrated for the whole 15 minutes, each arm would have received 30 Body Points and the knight would have received 60 Life Points.

Example: Later in his adventure, Trader Joe finds a green knight who’s head has apparently fallen off in a decapitation accident. Being still alive, the knight asks Joe to Regrow his head and his sword arm. Trader Joe casts Regrow 4 down as Regrow 3 on his head and his sword arm. After 15 minutes, his head receives 15 Body Points, and his sword arm receieve 45 Body Points and he also receives 60 Life Points. If Trader Joe had provided his Luxury Bedside Care package and concentrated for the whole 15 minutes, the knight’s head would receive 30 Body Points and his sword arm 90 Body Points. He would also receive 120 Life Points.

The miracle ends when one of the following conditions is met:

  • 15 minutes has passed.
  • The location is fully healed.
  • The location takes further damage.
  • The location takes any other type of healing.

Severed/Crushed locations start regrowing on -10.

Regrow does not fix a broken location (though a Severed/Crushed location will grow back unbroken). It will still regenerate body points for that location, but the location will remain unusable.

If the character is dead, Regrow will still regenerate lost locations, but a Raise Dead or similar miracle is required to return the character to life.