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Code of Conduct

We want everyone to enjoy their time at BathLARP. As such we have a code of conduct we expect members to follow.


This is a summary of the BathLARP Code of Conduct and is not a substitute for reading the full document – it contains the basics of what everyone needs to know. If you’re not sure about something, check the full Code of Conduct below or ask the committee.

Sensitive topics BathLARP has a lower age limit of 18, and games may include adult themes such as violence, torture and prejudice. These are to be treated respectfully and sensitively OOC. Rape and sexual abuse are not permitted topics IC and must also be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity OOC. If anyone feels uncomfortable on a game, they have the right to call Time Out and either remove themselves or request an alternative resolution.
Harassment and bullying Members are expected to be aware of and considerate of other people, and endeavour to maintain clear boundaries between IC and OOC actions and emotions. Harassment and bullying are strictly forbidden, and pressuring someone to play or stat their character a certain way is not allowed.
Safety BathLARP is committed to hosting safe games and ignoring safety rules is a serious offence. Members are expected to bring any personal objects needed to maintain their health, such as suitable clothing and footwear, food and drink, and medications. They should make sure the game first aider or committee are aware of any relevant medical issues before the game starts.
General responsibilities Notify the GMs if you are unable to make a game at short notice or are going to be late. Look after the club kit and make sure it doesn’t get lost or damaged. Be considerate towards other players, monsters and GMs.
Resolving issues Try to be polite and calm when resolving OOC issues and keep game disruption to a minimum. If you need assistance resolving a problem, you can request that the GM or Committee step in for advice or to resolve the issue. They can if necessary apply sanctions such as negative points, warnings, or banning from specific roles or the club itself. The Committee encourage people to ask them for guidance rather than suffer in silence.

GMs, Committee members and Character Refs have additional responsibilities detailed in the full Code of Conduct below.

General Social Contract

BathLARP is a society that runs games for adults with adult themes. As such, we have a lower age limit of 18. The only exception to this is if the younger sibling of an existing member wishes to attend and the member is willing to act as their direct guardian; this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The only adult theme that we try to avoid is rape and sexual abuse – this is a very serious subject that makes many people uncomfortable, so on the rare occasions it is touched upon in-character it is to be treated with the seriousness and sensitivity it deserves. It is not humorous and certainly should not be heard in banter, especially OOC. Slavery, torture, murder, racism, sexism and other adult themes are covered, in some cases by characters as well as monsters, and should be treated equally seriously OOC.

We believe that the primary objective of BathLARP is for players to enjoy themselves and to have fun. We have a clear responsibility to look out for everyone’s safety and provide ways in which you can have as much fun as possible while at our events. However, in return, we also believe that members have an equal responsibility to look out for each other’s out-of-character comfort and safety. It is, of course, possible for people to play characters who are deeply nasty, vicious, sexist, racist and otherwise unpleasant – however any form of out-of-character harassment will not be tolerated. We would also appreciate it if players kept clear In-Character/Out-Of-Character boundaries and an awareness of other players’ enjoyment of the game.

Sexual harassment will not be tolerated, be it physical, verbal or other. Neither will OOC bullying such as telling other members they don’t know how to roleplay or have their stats all wrong.

If there is any situation during Time-in where a player feels uncomfortable out-of-character for something happening in-character, they are within their rights to request that those involved stop or to remove themselves from the situation; where necessary (for example if a character is being tortured for information), a sensible alternative method of resolution should be agreed between those involved.

All participants in BathLARP events are responsible for their own physical well being. They are expected to ensure they have with them whatever they need for their comfort and safety throughout the event so as not to place any undue burden upon other participants. This includes:

They are also expected, if they have any medical conditions that a first aider may need to be aware of, to make either the first aiders, GMs, or at the very least a member of the committee aware before the game starts. Linear combat larp is potentially a high-impact contact sport, and we prefer to take as many steps to prevent injury as possible. If necessary, the first aider may request the participant not to attend the event for their own well-being.

Complaints Procedure

Where possible, all issues that can be dealt with by the members at the time of the incident should be dealt with at the time of the incident in a polite, calm fashion. We are aware that tempers can run high, and sometimes matters can get out of hand; we only ask that where this happens those involved are mature enough to apologise and resolve the issue afterwards.

For issues that cannot be dealt with between the members involved, the issue should be taken to the GMs at the earliest sensible opportunity (for example during the next battleboard) or given as post-game feedback. The GMs may then investigate and apply whatever warnings or penalties are reasonable.

Where deemed necessary (for example if the issue lies with the GM), or if the issue is occurring outside of games, the incident may also be brought to an individual member of the Committee or the Committee as a whole to be investigated and dealt with. GMs may also bring up incidents to the Committee if deemed necessary.

Inappropriate Behaviour

The following behaviour is considered inappropriate and may result in a penalty being applied.

The GMs and Committee reserve the right to deal with individual issues on a case by case basis. A penalty that is appropriate to the offence may be applied; this may include such things as a negative point being given during the debrief for something like persistent heavy hitting, being asked to leave the game for disruption – or, in the case of GMs, being temporarily or permanently banned from GMing.

Bannable Offenses

Committing any of the following may be considered grounds to call for membership of BathLARP to be revoked.

The GMs and Committee reserve the right to deal with individual issues on a case by case basis.

Responsibilities of GMs

GMs must treat all players and monsters on their games fairly and without prejudice.

Whilst it is not forbidden, if a GM wishes to run a game that they think is likely to strongly feature material which may make some potential participants uncomfortable, they should make it clear in their application to run the game that this material will be included and will be asked to justify its inclusion. If their application to run the game is successful, the OOC brief should make it clear what sort of themes will be featured in advance of the date of the game to allow an informed decision about participating.

It is the GM’s prerogative to set the meeting and time in times for their game. If they know they can’t be on site for the meeting time, they shouldn’t ask their players to be. If these times are expected to be radically different from the standard meet at 11:00 for a 12:00 start, this should also be advised in the game application (meet before 11:00 or aiming for time in after 13:00), and definitely needs to be recorded in the game sign-up entry.

If a GM wishes to use a rule that is non-standard or specific to their game or mini-arc, especially if it is a variant of an existing rule, they should make this clear to both players and monsters during the briefing – or, at the very least, on the first use of the rule during the game. The rule should be checked past the Character Ref team ahead of time.

If a GM makes a rules call on a game due to a lack of Character ref team, they should let the Character Ref know about the ruling as soon as feasible after the game in order to have it confirmed or corrected and the rule updated or clarified as appropriate.

A GM wishing to use club equipment for their game should make contact with the committee or whoever has possession of that equipment at least 10 days in advance to be able to make arrangements for it to be transferred to them or someone else who will be at their game, including requests for just standard kit or no kit at all. The Committee will make reasonable endeavors to get the standard kit to all games unless the GM requests otherwise

It is the responsibility of the GM or the person who takes responsibility for the equipment after their game to ensure that any equipment is available to whoever needs it next in usable condition (i.e. not left screwed up and damp to fester and making it generally known that they have it or returning it to someone who is happy to store it). The GM should notify any loss or breakage of club equipment to the treasurer or club secretary at the earliest opportunity after the game.

GMs are required to start their debrief as soon as possible and ideally within 24hrs of the end of the game in order to update P:M statistics etc.

GMs should attempt to get debriefs written up in a timely manner after a game, and should not apply to run new games until their previous debriefs are completed. A timely manner would be within five days for campaigns/mini-arcs (where the next game is on the following weekend), within two weeks for standalones, and within three weeks for a 24/36hr, subject to emergencies or other unexpected issues. Even if a full debrief is impossible within this time, a skeleton points debrief should be completed to allow players and monsters access to the points. Debriefs will be automatically closed at the end of the guideline time unless the GMs contact the Committee and ask for them to be kept open; debriefs should only be kept open longer than the guideline time in the case of real life emergencies or difficult circumstances requiring Character Refs or Committee intervention.

If a GM wishes to make any negative comment in a debrief beyond ‘unsafe fighting’, ‘poor roleplay’ or similar, they should email their comments to the player or monster in question at least two days prior to posting the debrief to give them a chance to respond, copying in the Committee. Unless that player or monster agrees otherwise, anything beyond the basic reason for the negative should be stated ‘As discussed’.

Responsibilities of Players/Monsters

Players and monsters should only sign up to attend a game if they are reasonably certain they are able to attend. Obviously unforeseen circumstances can prevent or delay attendance; if this happens in advance of the day of the game, the player should update their attendance status on the event calendar, otherwise if something happens on the day of the game they should attempt to contact the GM or someone else they know will be at the game.

If, when you sign up, you do not think you can be on site for the meeting time, you should consult the GM before requesting to play.

When signing up to play, you implicitly agree to monster if required to do so by the GM. In addition, all members should attempt where possible/plausible to balance out their play requests with monster requests so that everyone has a chance to play.

Monsters have a responsibility to look after monster kit during the game and to make sure that it is put away in the correct bag as neatly as possible.

Players have a responsibility to let the GM know if they have taken any kit off monsters during an encounter and to hand it back if it cannot be spared on an OOC basis. Players also have a responsibility to make sure all monster kit gets back to the car park after the game has ended.

Responsibilities of the Character Ref Team

The Character Ref team is responsible for making rules calls on games, then making sure that the calls are added to the website as a clarification, house rule or update to the rule at the earliest opportunity after the game – if the call was made by a minion, it should be confirmed by the Character Ref first.

If a player or GM contacts the Character Ref team, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent within 48hrs, and an initial response within one week. The Character Ref team will also endeavour to apply the same response times to queries on the Rules Queries board.

Responsibilities of the Committee

The Committee will mediate and provide final rulings on any disputes between members where such things are needed, acting fairly to all people involved. The Committee will also listen to members ideas/criticisms/concerns, bringing them to the attention of the wider club where appropriate and making sure the appropriate action is taken.

If a player or GM contacts the Committee, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent within 48hrs, and an initial response within one week.

The Committee will post the results of any vote to the message boards within one week of the vote being taken