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The Artificers

The Guild of Artificers comprises people dedicated to creating magical/miraculous items. Individual members craft items for many different reasons, but the Guild as a whole is mostly apolitical, which has greatly contributed to its success. Members are expected to put aside their differences and work together for the common good.


Kingdom: High Artificer Smith
Barony Van Heusen: Artificer Dremel


A starting character can join the guild immediately.

A non-starting character must prove they can construct a magical/miraculous item before being allowed to join the guild.


A member of the Artificers must

  • never impede another Artificer’s work.


Advanced Training

A member of the Artificers has access to

  • Enchant Item to any level.
  • Consecrate Item to any level.
  • Religious Ceremonies in Life/Freedom/Justice/Order/Balance/Might to level 8.
  • Magic Ritual in Light/General/Air/Earth/Fire/Water to level 8.

A member of the Artificers gains the following bonuses.

  • [LOSE] He may use the title Artificer.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He can learn Enchant Item and Consecrate Item at two-thirds cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He can learn Consecrate Item for adjacent Paths, not just his own Path. The Paths available are as follows
    • Justice: Justice, Order, Life
    • Order: Order, Justice, Might, Balance
    • Might: Might, Death, Order
    • Life: Life, Justice, Freedom, Balance
    • Balance: Balance, Order, Life, Chaos, Death
    • Death: Death, Might, Anarchy, Balance
    • Freedom: Freedom, Life, Chaos
    • Chaos: Chaos, Freedom, Anarchy, Balance
    • Anarchy: Anarchy, Chaos, Death
  • [LOSE] For every 5 levels that he gains in Enchant Item and Consecrate Item, he can improve his expertise with one type of item (Potion, Scroll, etc). This allows him to increase the effective item quality for the purposes of preparing and embedding effects by one step, as long as it is of sufficient quality to meet the minimum quality requirements.

Example: Normally the Quality of a Potion limits the level of effect that can be embedded are:

Ubiqutious: 0 – 4
Common: 5 – 9
Superior: 10 – 14
Masterwork: 15 – 20
Legendary: 21+

When Artificer Ylevn learns

Enchant Item(Earth) 1
Enchant Item(Fire) 0
Consecrate Item(Freedom) 1

she chooses to improve her expertise in Potions. This means that, for her, the limits on the level of effect are:

Ubiqutious: 0 – 9
Common: 5 – 14
Superior: 10 – 20
Masterwork: 15 – 25
Legendary: 26+

After improving her skills to

Enchant Item(Earth) 2
Enchant Item(Fire) 1
Enchant Item(General) 1
Consecrate Item(Freedom) 1
Consecrate Item(Life) 0

she can choose to further improve her skill with Potions, or choose a different magic item type.

Example: A Daily item requires a superior item to make, which allows 1 effect to be embedded in it. Dracen has improved his expertise in Daily items once. This means that Dracen can treat this superior item as effectively a masterwork item and embed 2 effects in the item. They could not use a common item to embed the effect into.