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Originally south of the Kingdom of Exiles but now being slowly surrounded by it, Arboria is a stretch of Old Forest – the woods that existed before farmers started reshaping the land – inhabited and ruled over by druids. Relations with the Kingdom of Exiles have always been polite and cautiously positive if a little strained; after all, the Kingdom hasn’t yet stopped using metal and treating some greenskins like people. Events that occurred during the rise of the Bloom and the Blight have strained relations further while the Kingdom considers the status of Dark Druids.

Arboria covers quite a large area and tends to rainforest – temperate and damp in the north, tropical in the south. The southern border isn’t that far from Amazon lands; Arboria and the Amazons get along well due to their shared worship of Nature, and there‚Äôs a fair bit of crossover between them.

The druids of Arboria tend to be more hard-line than the Druids of the Kingdom despite – or perhaps because of – Arboria once being run by Dark Druids. Those that join the Kingdom patrols may well be in for culture shock – or may be glad of the change.