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A character’s class affects which skills they find easier or harder to learn, by changing the amount of Character Points needed to learn that skill. Check out Player Rules – Characters – Classes for more information.

The four basic classes are:


Warriors are fighters of various kinds. Normally warriors tend to the heavy armour type of fighting, although there are options around being tough and nimble instead or as well.


Scouts are good at sneaky skills and being a jack-of-all-trades, picking up bits of magic and miracle and combat skills as needed.


Mages practice magic and cast spells. Magic doesn’t come with moral restrictions, but mages are distrusted by some groups or cultures. Metal armour interferes with the casting of magic.


Priests follow a particular religious Path. They cast miracles, but must follow their Path’s rules or risk being punished by the gods.

It is possible to play a multi-class character. The Character Point cost of any skill is the average of the classes rounded down. However, we suggest you talk to an experienced member for advice if you want to play a multi-class character.