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The Healers (New)

The Healers are a loose confederation of skilled users of healing miracles and other abilities who have formed a mutual society for learning and support. The guild is avowedly apolitical, focusing only on it’s work of healing the sick and injured. Formed from a schism within the Temple of Life on the issue of pacifism, many members including the Guildmaster are previous Sages and relations with the Temple remain tense.


Kingdom: Healer Francis


A starting character can join the guild immediately.

A non-starting character must prove they can adhere to the guild requirements; this will take a minimum of 5 ranks where they must have no guild affiliation. The Character Ref will decide if/when they are ready.


A member of the Healers must

  • never refuse healing to a Kingdom Citizen.
  • aid and assist all Kingdom Patrols in following their lawful orders.


Advanced Training

A member of the Healers has access to

  • Spells and Miracles which heal or prevent bleeding (as listed below) to any level.
  • Spell and Miracle Masteries in Spells and Miracles which heal or prevent bleeding (as listed below).

A member of the Healers gains the following bonuses.

  • [LOSE] They can use the title Healer.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They may learn spells/miracles which heal as if they were one level less. Level 0 spells and miracles are at half cost.
Casting List Castings
Any Miraculous Triage
Life Heal Life, Cure Disease, Life Shield, Remove Fear, Raise Dead, Asylum, Incubate
Justice Resurrection
Order Heal Wounds, Neutralise Poison, Reattach
Chaos Remove Slow, Remove Paralysis, Remove Petrification
Balance Regrow
Tree Tree Heal
Seasonal Stasis, Rebirth
Water Clear Mind
Light Clear Sight, Reduce Weakness
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They may purchase spell and miracle masteries in spells and miracles which heal (as listed above) at half cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They get the Discern Wounds and Bind Wounds skills for free. They may learn other medical skills at half cost.
  • [LOSE] Healers share knowledge of medicinal plant life with each other. If a Healer forages for Clear Mind, Clear Sight, Stasis or Regrow salves, they gain an additional salve.
  • [LOSE] Healing provided by a Healer cures all ills. Any Miraculous Life or Wounds healing provided to a target by a Healer to a target can be converted into the opposite intelligent healing at a rate of 2:1. This will fix Broken Bones if present and set if possible. If the target is fully healed in the type of healing being cast, this rate is increased to 1:1. This option is chosen at the time of casting. This includes casting via items.

Example: A villager was in range of a terrible Fireball 12, taking 12 points of Life damage and 12 Wounds damage to all locations, breaking their arms, legs and head. A friendly Healer casts Heal Life 20 on them as wounds healing. This heals 10 points of intelligent wounds. If the Healer had cast Heal Life 20 first to fully heal the life damage, they would heal 20 points of intelligent wounds.

Example: Iona finds an injured villager who’s taken 10 points of life damage. She casts Tree Heal (T) 5, choosing to convert the 5 points of intelligent wounds healing to 3 points of additional life healing. The villager recieves 8 life healing (5 from the original Tree Heal 5, 3 from the Healer conversion)

Example: Dara owns a Heal Wounds 20 item. When activating this, she can choose to convert the wounds healing to life healing. Dara later makes and sells a Heal Life 20 item to Guardian Joe. As Joe is not a Healer, he cannot convert this life healing into wounds healing.

  • [KEEP BOUGHT] Ability to purchase the Triage miracle, which can be purchased from any miraculous list.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] Ability to purchase the Asylum and Incubate miracles, which form part of the Life list.

Anything that looks like this is a restricted casting that needs requesting from the Character Ref. In addition, your character must be of the minimum rank indicated before they can learn the casting.

Low Level
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Triage 1 Triage 2 Triage 3
Asylum 2 Asylum 4
High Level
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
15 20 30 40 55 70
Asylum 6 Asylum 8 Asylum 10
Triage <n>

Range: Self
Duration: 15 Minutes
Type: Informational
Target: Area
Pre-requisites: Discern Wounds
Triage is a miracle designed to ascertain who need medical attention most, so that Healers can make better medical decisions.

For Triage 1:

  • The Caster will be made aware of all dying living creatures with 20’, even those that cannot be seen with normal eyesight.
  • The Caster will be made aware of the reason that the target is dying. i.e: Are their Life points below 0, Head/Chest below 0 Body points, or on -10 Body points in any other location?
  • This is a passive miracle, it will not automatically warn you of dying creatures in the area. In order to detect dying creatures, you must Concentrate and call ’Detect Dying’.

For Triage 2:

  • All effects of Triage 1.
  • Additionally the caster will be made aware if the creature is below 1/4 Life or if any of the creature’s Locations are below 1/4, by calling “Miraculous Quick Discern Wounds”

Example: During the combat Dara sees Master Harlock take a Drain Life effect from one of the enemy priests. She calls “Harlock, Miraculous Quick Discern Wounds” to which he responds “Ping, Life and Right Leg”.

For Triage 3:

  • All effects of Triage 1 & 2.
  • Additionally the caster can detect the presence and the level of any of the following conditions affecting the creature: Death Curse, Enervate, Shrivel, Wither. This is done by calling “Miraculous Discern <Condition>”.
Asylum <n>

Range: Special
Duration: 15 Minutes
Type: -
Target: Area
The caster marks the floor with a visible phys-rep (which can be a maximum of 10 feet) in a circle or similar shape. Asylum adds it’s level to the number of Life & Body points gained from any Healing casting (Life, Wounds, Tree, Mystic, etc…) provided that the target is within the marked area for the cast Healing’s duration (i.e. The entire duration of Tree Heal). The marked area must form a complete perimeter.

The area of the asylum can be extended, with each doubling of the length reducing its level by 1 down to a minimum of Asylum 1. Thus a Asylum 3 can be cast to stretch 10 feet as Asylum 2 or 20 feet as Asylum 1.

Asylum does not add its level to Life & Body points gained from Healing abilities that do not use consume Mana and/or Standing (e.g. Lay on Hands).


Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Type: -
Target: Person
Pre-requisites: Revive (T)
Incubate puts a willing target into a deep and restful sleep, accelerating the natural healing process. As long as target remains asleep for 15 uninterrupted minutes they are restored to full life, and to full wounds on any present unbroken locations. If this process is interrupted the miracle fails and the standing is lost. Beneficial castings (Earth Merge, Withdraw, Cure Disease etc.) do not interrupt this process.