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The Artisans

The Artisans are dedicated to the construction of items (as opposed to the Artificers who are dedicated to the enchantment thereof).

The Artisans was originally formed by free traders in the capital banding together into organised groups to better share knowledge and resources. They also wanted to form a united front against any potential, or perceived, exploitation of members. They were especially concerned (without reason) about the possibility of magic being used to replace skilled labour. Over time these groups have merged into the Artisans guild, who welcome all skilled labours with open arms.

Nowadays they continue to provide members the same services they originally did, for a price. The taxes collected go towards providing training, accommodation and access to tools and supplies they would not normally have. There are many branches within the Artisans, the most prolific being the Weaponsmiths, Bowyers, Armoursmiths & Leather-workers.


Kingdom: Legendary Craftsman Roger Bosch
Barony Van Heusen: Master Craftsman Jack Hill


A starting character can join the guild immediately.

A non-starting character must prove they can adhere to the guild requirements; this will take a minimum of 5 ranks where they must have no guild affiliation. The Character Ref will decide if/when they are ready.


A member of the Artisans must:

  • Never learn any magical, miraculous or mundane skills which degrades or destroys an item.



A member of the Artisans gains the following bonuses:

  • [LOSE] He may use the title Craftsman when created a normal item, High Craftsman when created a Superior item and Master Craftsman when created a Masterwork item.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] Their specific trade at 2/3 cost:
    • Weaponsmith – Make Melee Weapon, Make Superior Melee Weapon.
    • Bowyer – Make Missile Weapon, Make Superior Missile Weapon.
    • Armoursmith – Make Heavy Armour, Make Superior Heavy Armour.
    • Leather-worker- Skinning, Make Light Armour, Make Superior Light Armour.
  • [KEEP GAINED] May make a Masterwork item every 50 Guild Ranks (N.B. this will normally require the character to go on a special mission to gather materials to construct the item, learn a new forging technique etc.):
    • Weaponsmith – Melee Weapon or Shield.
    • Bowyer – Missile Weapon.
    • Armoursmith – Suit of Heavy Armour.
    • Leather-worker – Suit of Light Armour.