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The Kingdom of Exiles (New)

About 100 years ago, the surviving members of a rebellion against The Hierarchy crossed the Last Sea, and formed the small Kingdom of Exiles. The Kingdom is surrounded on all sides by wilderness filled with savage monsters and organised tribes.

When they arrived, the exiles found evidence of civilization in the form of ruins and destroyed towns and cities. They were also attacked by two tribes, who called themselves the 1st Dragon Riders and the 8th Fox Scouts. The attacks were beaten off, helped by the fact that the Dragon Riders and the Fox Scouts started fighting amongst themselves when they discovered each other’s presence. From prisoners and research amongst the ruins, scholars discovered that both groups were from a race of men who called themselves the Hassani. The Hassani had built up a large civilisation covering an unknown but large area, but destroyed themselves in a massive civil war. All that’s left are the ruins of their cities and groups descended from the armies which fought, and still fight today.

Ruling the Kingdom

The Kingdom is a run by nobles of varying ranks, who together form The Council. Each noble receives a number of votes equivalent to his rank, Baron – 1, Earl – 2, Duke – 3, Archduke – 4, Prince – 5. Guildmasters (see Guilds) are also members of The Council, and have 3 votes unless they are already entitled to more. Also Knights of the Kingdom each get one vote (see Guilds).

There is only one Prince (Prince Lazar), who may veto any vote which did not have the approval of more than three quarters of The Council.

There are 4 Archdukes, chosen by the Prince from the Council, and approved by The Council, who bear the titles The Sword, The Mind, The Eye and The Heart. The Sword commands the armies of the Kingdom, and hence is usually a warrior. The Mind commands the Mages, and is usually also the Archmage of the Wardens. The Eye is in command of internal and external intelligence and information, and is usually a Scout (or Thief). The Heart represents the temples of the Kingdom, and is usually a Priest.

The Prince and Archdukes are the only members of The Council who can nominate a person for a title. This is subject to approval by The Council in the normal way.

Dukes and above all rule over portions of the Kingdom. A few Barons and Earls also control land, though most are powerful and experienced adventurers.

The Council meets in the home city of the Prince, the Kingdom capital, Exiles Rest.

Character Skill Limitations

Unless a Guild specifically provides advanced training, characters from the Kingdom do not have access to:

The Schools of Darkness, Demonology and Necromancy are proscribed and not available to player characters.

The Spellsword School is only available to members of the Bladesingers Guild.

The Path of Anarchy is proscribed and not available to player characters.

The Paths of Death and Chaos are restricted. There are no player accessible Guilds and all characters who follow these Paths are closely monitored by the agents of the Kingdom.