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The Shadow Masters

The Shadow Masters are all Drow, and their long term goal is simply to bring darkness to the world so that their race can return to the surface. They also pursue the lesser goal of causing strife on the surface world, to hinder the civilizations there. Its rumoured that it was the Drow, led by the Shadow Masters, who caused the old civilization to fall apart.


Dark Mistress Dre’Kali.


Characters must prove their worth before joining the Shadow Masters, usually by acting as an assistant to a full member of the Guild. Only after proving their devotion are they inducted as full members.


A member of the Shadow Master must

  • be a Drow.
  • obey their superiors.
  • defend all Drow who are not traitors.
  • advance the Drow goal of returning to the surface.
  • learn Dark as their first school (they can then go on to learn other schools as per the standard rules).
  • not teach or give access to Dark spells (via magic items, ritual scripts or spellbooks) to any person who is not a Shadow Master.


Advanced Training

A member of the Shadow Masters has access to

  • Spells, Magic Ritual and Enchant Item in the School of Dark to any level.
  • Magic Adepts in the School of Dark.

A member of the Shadow Masters gains the following bonuses.

  • [KEEP GAINED] Improved Mana recovery in natural darkness.

The Shadow Master recovers Rank/15 (rounded down) extra Mana while resting in darkness, either at night or underground.

  • [LOSE] Healing Darkness ability.

When in natural darkness, the Shadow Master can Concentrate (and additionally cannot move or talk) to exchange Mana for Life Points. For each full minute, the Shadow Master can exchange 2 Mana for 1 Life Point and 1 intelligent Body Point. Thus a Shadow Master who concentrates for 10 minutes can use 20 Mana to gain 10 Life Points and 10 Intelligent Body Points.

Healing Darkness ability cannot be used at the same time as Improved Mana recovery.

  • [LOSE] Swift/Undodgeable Dark Dart

When casting Dark Dart in darkness (natural or otherwise), the spell is treated as Swift. The Shadow Master calls “Swift Dark Dart”. For every 10 Ranks (rounded down) the Shadow Master can upgrade a casting of Dark Dart to Undodgeable each night. For example, a Rank 20 Shadow Master can cast two Undodgeable Dark Darts in a single night.