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Orcs are the product of experimentation by dark, departed gods. They are fairly well organised, banding together into tribes, each with its own marking or symbol. Each tribe is independent of all the others and they have a tendency to fight and feud with each other. Relations between Orc tribes and other races change from one tribe to another. The tribes known to be friendly to the civilised races include The Iron Hand and The Smoking Eye.

Each tribe is led by an Orc Chieftain, who has the highest Rank and Life Points. He is advised by two Orc Champions and one Priest. The two Champions have higher Ranks and Life Points than the rest of the tribe.

To become a Champion, an Orc must first defeat a current Champion. To become a Chieftain, an Orc must become a Champion and must then defeat the current Chieftain.

The Champions and the Priest advisor is 1 to 3 ranks higher than the normal tribe members (with a maximum rank of 19) and the Chieftain is 1 to 3 ranks higher than the Champions with a maximum rank of 20.

Rank 2+
Skill Table Small Humanoid
Life Points 39 (60)
Mana 0 (20)
Standing 5 (200)
Damage as weapon or 2 (claws)
Abilities 1 in 10 Orcs are Priests and can learn religious skills at
half cost.
Toughness 1
Description green or green/brown skin, deep rough voices

Orc Priests

Orc Priests follow the Paths of Death, Might or Order, and wear markings on their faces dependent on their faith.

Death: black rings around the eyes and mouth

Might: red lines radiating from the eyes

Order: black circle across the forehead and around the face.