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Club Accounts/Discounts

Resell a wide range of weapons, armour and costume from multiple manufacturers, plus a selection of makeup, prosthetics (including latex ear tips) and accessories. Good customer service and attend events at multiple national systems/kit fairs. Offer a 5% discount to BathLARP members, details here.
If you’re interested in something on their website that isn’t shown as currently in stock, I’d recommend dropping them a line before ordering to ask about availability – a couple of members have reported lead times on some of the “order in” items turning out to be longer than estimated – Andy
Saxon Violence

Weapons from various periods in history – good for spears and stonking great axes.

Please reference BathLARP when you make an order, as for every ten orders from club members we get a free weapon. If we want to make a large order, discounts/cheap postage may be a possibility.

Having a LARP

General mix of bits, pretty solid.

If you order through the club in a bulk order, we used to be able to arrange a 10% discount – need to confirm this is still the case. However, Having a LARP are the folk we usually have down once a year for our own mini trade fair.

Gnosis Studios

A mix of weapons, both ‘standard’ and some very not (like throwing heads).

If you use our discount code they will give you 10% off any order. This offer Excludes sale items and postage.


A German site with a fairly extensive range of armour, some weapons, basic kit, and various accessories.
Dein LARP Shop
A German LARP site with an interesting mix of bits and bobs at a reasonable price.
Gem’s Trading Co
General mix of bits, some opportunities for custom work. Pretty solid.
Some weapons, some armour, some clothing. Please note that any metal weaponry is strictly forbidden in LARP, and anyone who buys and brings it along to a game will be made to put it away.
Ukrainian site, mostly focussed on metal armour but with a good range of gambesons and leathers too. Very very pretty, very expensive.
LARP Warriors
A good all-round larp kit shop, also sells weapon DIY bits including sword ‘blanks’ and foam repair glue. Also worth looking at their sister-site Southern Swords – while not a larp seller it does have a lot in the way of clothing, armour and accessories.
Chow’s Emporium
Redefining the concept of miscellaneous, Chow’s supplies…stuff, from furs to tankards.
The Goblin Workshop
Fun weapons (note the pie daggers!) and interesting leatherwork (including custom sheathes).
A. J. Preece LARP Supplies
Weapons, leatherwork and misc. props.
Weighted towards clothing and metal armour, although with a smattering of other bits (including a good range of shield blanks). Carries the D&D licensed line.


The Viking Dragon
Everything Viking.
Velvet Glove
Off-the-rack and custom costuming to a high standard.
Exceedingly pretty medieval gowns and robes.
Slav Medieval
Fairly straightforward tunics, dresses, cloaks and trousers.
Stardust and Sparkles Larpcraft
Primarily costume with some leather armour and random props, ethos is about recycling so even ‘off the peg’ items tend to be unique.
Luthaisea’s Kit
Costume made to commission by one of our own members, with rumours of off-the-peg work to come (especially once the embroidery machine is duly programmed with Guild badges).
GoldenMochi Costumes & Designs
Mostly commission work, although there’s a small number of off the shelf items for Empire. Made by a larper for larpers, so expect practical as well as pretty in the end results.
Fantasy Threads
Costume made to commission – if you can imagine it, she’ll give it a try.


Primarily an armour site with some nice bits and pieces, they also have a small range of costume and weapons (including the Big Roby Thing (sic)).
Polish site. Very expensive, but very, very pretty leather armour. Also trades as Faun Forge for off-the-rack armour at more affordable prices.
AG Leather Design
Fairly hard-core leather armour and accessories.
American chainmail supplier; high quality, low weight. As they do PPE gear this includes full leggings and gloves.
German supplier of welded stainless steel chainmesh. Slow lead times, but they do full custom work.
German supplier of welded steel chainmesh. Ask for their current catalogue, they do a lot more than they say on the website.
Armchair Armoury
Metal armour of the plate, scale and ring varieties, including the kit to make your own.
McSkelly Leathers
Leather armour and accessories.
Umbra Armoury
Custom leather armour and accessories; also some really nice active-prod crossbows.


Weapons and some armour, a good place for “non-standard” weapons.
Dragon Armoury
A mix of old and new construction styles to make classic blades with durable hilts. Also high quality PE plate armour.
Various kit but mostly weapons. Formerly ‘Tallows’ and ’Warrior’s Wardrobe’.
Irregular Props
Nicely weighted weapons, and as far as I can see if it can be made in foam and latex they’ll give it a go…
Jaunty and Rakish
Miscellaneous bits and bobs, in particular a large selection of unusual and interesting coreless weapons.


Indigo Archery
Not only a physical shop but an indoor range for practice – the staff are both extremely nice and extremely competent. No LARP specific stuff as yet but they will advise on suitable bows and are considering getting in IDVs…
Aimed more towards re-enactors but still a good selection of archery equipment, plus armour padding of varying types.
An interesting range of bows and arrow shafts.
Waffle Tip NERF darts
Amazon link to the only unofficial darts we allow for NERF Crossbows.

Masks and Make-up

Mandala Studios
High-quality foam and latex masks.
Dental Distortions
Fake teeth, fangs, and claws.
Stage make-up of higher quality and lower risk of allergies than Snazz.
Just Posh Masks
Venetian masks, a good source for blanks for self-decoration.
German site, good mix of masks, facepaints, prostheses and costume.
Madhouse FX Studio
Various styles of pointy ears.
Bristol-based theatrical suppliers, they sell Kryolan F/X Blood (Dark) which is an excellent LARP fake blood (do not use on others without their permission).

Jewellery and Accessories

Magic Tribal Hair
Excessive hair falls with various bits braided in, in both normal and fantasy colours.
Roo the Leather Carver
A mix of bits made from leather, all elaborately carved and decorated.
Eternal Designs
Leather masks, crowns and similar.
El Costuero Real
All sorts of oddities including antlers, butterfly-wing cloaks…
Primarily wigs and things to keep wigs happy, also some crafting gear.
Fun Costume Stuff
As the name suggests, but particularly good for hats, ears and other adornments.
Willow Bee Workshop
A mix of leather-worked bits and bobs, in particular masks.


Herts Fabrics
Reproduction fabrics.
The Identity Store
Leather and leatherworking equipment.
The Ringlord
Everything you need to make your own maille, including all sorts of interesting metal and other rings.
Theatrical chandlers, good for sources of unusual materials for prop-making.
Thames Valley Plastics
LDP45 for all of your weapon-making needs.
Bayley Heritage Castings
Bronze fittings for all sorts of crafting jobs.
Celtic Craft Shop
Celtic-themed rivet/screw-back buttons, snaps and similar.
Harlots and Angels
Patterns for corsetry, hats and waistcoats; some pre-made bits.
Dragon Swann Designs
Embroidered patches and motifs that can be added to kit.


Military Mart
Or any other army surplus you like really – Great source for basic outdoor gear, waterproofs, boots etc. at reasonable prices. Also look out for Gasmask/Respirator Bags they’re just the right size for your lunch and a drink and come with a waist strap to stop them bouncing around as you run/fight. Woollen army blankets are perfect for use as simple cloaks or as raw material for coats, bags, pouches etc with a bit of sewing. More elaborate uniform items and head gear can even make a good basis for easy character costume.
Bell Tent UK
Bell and other canvas tents at affordable prices. Also Camping with Soul, a site for fest-friendly camping gear and tent dressing, and Hotel Belltent.

Have something to sell and want to let the world know? Email the committee