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There are two types of casting in our system: magic and miracles. Magic is not connected to gods or beliefs and is divided into different Schools, each of which have spells following a different theme.

When a mage starts to learn magic, they must choose a primary School. This is the School they have most affinity to and find easier to learn. As they move further away from their primary School (to their secondary, tertiary, etc Schools), it becomes harder to learn spells and the Character Point cost to learn them increases.

Elemental Schools

The four elemental Schools are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

When you learn your first elemental School, its adjacent Schools automatically become your next Schools. It is not normally possible to learn the opposite elemental School to the first one you learn.

Example: Kavara chooses Fire as her primary School. This means that Air and Earth are her secondary Schools, and she cannot normally learn Water magic.

Non-elemental Schools

The available non-elemental Schools are General, Light and Spellsword.

Proscribed and Illegal Schools

Certain Schools of magic are illegal in the Kingdom, and those who know spells from these Schools will be punished. Player characters cannot normally learn spells from these Schools.

Attitudes Towards Magic

Although practising magic doesn’t require any particular beliefs, there are some cultures who are not very fond of magic: