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Authority and Politics

The Kingdom of Exiles is ruled by Prince Lazar and his council of nobles and guildmasters. The Kingdom is divided into regions, ruled by Dukes, Earls and Barons.

The Council

The council is made up of the Prince, his Archdukes, Guildmasters, Dukes, Barons, Earls, and Knights of the Kingdom. They meet in the Kingdom capital, Exiles Rest.

Important Kingdom matters are voted on by the council, with each member receiving a certain number of votes depending on their rank. The Prince may veto any decision unless it has the approval of more than three quarters of the council. A person may be nominated to the council for life by the Prince or the Archdukes.

The Prince and Archdukes

Prince Lazar is the head of the royal family of the Kingdom of Exiles and overall ruler of the Kingdom. He has 5 votes in the council.

The Archdukes are four individuals chosen from and approved by the council to represent various factions. They are known as the Sword, the Mind, the Eye and the Heart.

Each Archduke receives 4 votes in the council.


The heads of the most important guilds in the Kingdom sit on the council. Each guildmaster has 3 votes.

Dukes, Earls and Barons

Dukes, Earls and Barons are the rulers of each region of the Kingdom; most belong to Dukes or above, but a handful of powerful Earls or Barons (often former adventurers) have their own region.

Knights of the Kingdom

Knights of the Kingdom are important individuals who have been granted knighthood by the Prince. They often include influential regional Guildmasters or people on the regional councils of the Dukes, Earls and Barons.

Regional Governance

Each region (Duchy, Earldom or Barony) is governed by its ruler.

Rulers usually use a particular religious Path to guide the laws and governance of their region; for example, the Barony Van Heusen is Justice-aligned, and the Earldom Grey is Might-aligned.

The following are regional rulers that are established within the setting.

Prince Lazar

Area governed: The Kingdom of Exiles
Capital: Exile’s Rest
Path: Unknown, but based on ruling style likely to be Balance or Justice
Heraldic colour: Black
Other: None at present.

Baron Van Heusen

Area governed: The Barony Van Heusen
Capital: Heusenberg
Path: Justice
Heraldic colour: Emerald and Black
Other: The Barony Van Heusen is the primary location for most patrols in the setting. The Baron has a son and a daughter, although the succession is somewhat murky due to the son previously kidnapping the daughter.

Earl Grey

Area governed: The Grey Earldom
Capital: Unknown
Path: Might
Heraldic colour: Purple and Black
Other: Has something of an ongoing feud with the Baron Van Heusen due to incursions by Barony-based patrols into Earldom lands; the most notable of these was the robbing of an Earldom bank while attempting to rescue the Earl’s Baronial bride-to-be from a kidnapping plot and the Blackgate incident.

Baron Lannister

Area governed: The Barony Lannister
Capital: Lannistadt
Path: Might
Heraldic colour: Wine Red and Black
Other: A former Defender Captain from the Barony gone rogue; after using the assistance of orc tribes to carve off a chunk of Barony Van Heusen lands, he has since sought and achieved legitimacy with the assistance of the Baron Van Heusen in the name of peace, culminating in the Rybek Pass joint patrol.

Baron Johen

Area governed: The Barony Scara’Fould/Johen’s Barony
Capital: Unknown
Path: Unknown
Heraldic colour: Gold and Black
Other: Scara’Fould’s Barony was established in AE 103; however, as a consequence of the conflict that arose when the Hassani Scarabs also laid claim to the area Guard Captain Johen usurped Baron Scara’Fould when it emerged the latter would do anything to further Kingdom aims, no matter how questionable. Baron Johen’s Barony is still small, but slowly gaining prosperity and stability.

Lady Saelaem

Area governed: The Duchy of Riversmerge
Capital: Inverleith
Path: Freedom
Heraldic colour: Pale Blue, Copper and Black
Other: Lady Saelaem of Riversmerge, an elven noble, generally prefers to be called Sally.

Guild Politics

Guild politics tend to be summed up by the concept of ‘me against my brother, my brother and me against my cousin, my family against the world’. Guilds typically guard their specialist skills and knowledge carefully.

For more information on the Guilds, there are Guilds in the Player Rules for the underlying mechanics and Guilds in the Setting for overview information.


The Kingdom has various alliances, treaties or more tenuous agreements with nations and groups outside its borders. Some of the more commonly-known alliances include:

There are no formal alliances with any Amazon tribes.

The Kingdom considers itself to be at war with the Drow. Relations are unfriendly with the Hassani Jackals.