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Setting - The Defenders

The Defenders are the Kingdom military. They are split into four branches:

All Defenders share the common oaths of defending all subjects of the Kingdom, never fleeing battle if it places or leaves a subject of the Kingdom in danger, and obeying the orders of their superiors.

As members of the military who have sworn to defend Kingdom citizens, Defenders are often given positions of responsibility such as commanding patrols. When danger threatens, they are asked to put the lives of civilians above their own.

Promotion in the lower ranks is usually automatic unless you’ve messed up and been reported to your superiors. After the rank of Corporal, characters get a choice – will they become non-commissioned officers by becoming a Sergeant, making sure things get done, or will they try to become an officer by applying for Lieutenancy? Any character who wants to become an officer must prove their leadership skills in a challenge set for them by the Character Ref Team. There are separate challenges for each promotion. Challenges can include leading a mission where you must overcome your weaknesses or helping lower-ranked Defenders grow and improve.

There is another way to become an officer – you can buy a commission. However, buying a rank means you can’t earn one again, and there may be other downsides too.

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Join the Defenders! – a Tower of Light Promotional Illusion on behalf of the Defenders (Flickr).

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