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Setting - The Defenders - The Wardens

IC: Welcome to the Wardens

To our newest Warden,

Thank you for making this commitment to the Kingdom of Exiles and her people. You are now part of the strong arm and shield that protect this nation from anything and everything that would threaten her.


As a Defender, you swear to defend all subjects of the Kingdom, never fleeing battle if it leaves a subject in danger, and to follow the orders of your superior officers.


The Wardens offer training in magic and miracles. In addition to training in weapons and armour skills, you can choose to specialise in one of defensive miracles, healing miracles, defensive spells, or weapon-enhancing spells.

We have mages of all legal schools in our ranks, and whilst priests of Might, Order, Balance and Justice form most of our miraculous cohort, we do not reject anyone based on religious belief as long as it is legal. As long as you are willing to use your skills to defend the Kingdom, you are welcome.

Defenders who wish to gain leadership experience may be considered for command of patrols.

Military hierarchy

You will begin as a Warden, but can advance to the ranks of Lance-Corporal and Corporal, and from there to Sergeant, Lead Sergeant and Master Sergeant. If you have a taste for leadership, you may apply to take a commission as an officer, becoming a Lieutenant, Captain or Overcaptain. Whatever path you choose, you must obey the orders of your superiors at all times.


Our enemies are anyone who would endanger the Kingdom or her subjects, including those who break the law.

Be ready for drill at dawn,

Warden Sergeant Erasmus

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OOC: Playing a Warden

The full rules for The Wardens can be found under:

Player Rules – The Kingdom – Guilds – Defenders – Wardens

The Defenders are the standing military of the Kingdom, and the Wardens form their casting branch. Wardens follow the same oaths as other Defenders – to defend Kingdom subjects and obey orders – but receive their specialist training in certain types of spells or miracles. Being in the Defenders is challenging and rewarding – your character must sometimes take risks to protect and serve others, but Defenders are most likely to receive responsible roles like party commander, and can enjoy strong camaraderie with other military characters.

There are many reasons to join the Defenders – an urge to protect people, service as an alternative to punishment, wanting power and glory, or just looking for a steady job and a roof over your head. The Defenders will take any character as long as they are willing to follow the oaths.

Many Earth mages find that their fighting spells make a good fit with the Wardens, though Fire mages can sometimes be found in their ranks too. Priests tend to follow Order, Might, Balance or Justice, as these can fit into the military command structure – Life and Freedom priests tend to be rare as they often object to either violence or orders, but that’s no reason not to play one if you want to. It’s definitely possible to have a Warden who does not fight, but most take advantage of the martial training. While in theory possible to play a Death, Chaos or Nature Warden the Defenders will not provide advanced training in your character’s Path, and in the case of Death and Chaos will definitely be keeping a close watch for trouble.

The Warden bonuses allow a character to rapidly become skilled in a particular type of magic or miracles, and the Defenders give them access to many side-skills other characters can’t learn. However, following orders isn’t for everyone, and a disobedient or disruptive Defender will find themselves being punished by their superior officers.

As a Warden, you would know that:

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