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There are many different species of sentient or semi-sentient creature in our game world. Each has different attributes and affinities – for example, ogres are incredibly strong, and elves are naturally good at magic. Check out Player Rules – Characters – Races for more information.

There are five races to which a player character can normally belong:


The main race seen in large parts of the Kingdom of Exiles. They are very versatile and can do well in any class, but make the best priests and pretty good warriors. Amazons and Barbarians are a type of Human.


The second most common race in the Kingdom of Exiles. They are naturally magical and are strong of mind and fast-moving but somewhat weak of body. As a result, they make the best mages and good dexterous scouts but tend to struggle in other roles. They have pointy ears.


As the name suggests, the child of a human and an elf or two half-elves. They have the best (and worst) features of both their parents – harder to kill and better at miracles than an elf, better at magic and nimbler than a human. Some have pointy ears, some look superficially human.


The child of an orc with an elf or human or the child of two half-orcs. They are tough and cunning, but do have a tendency to straightforwardness and literal-mindedness. They make good heavy scouts and warrior-esque priests. They have green or green-and-brown skin.


The child of an ogre with an elf or human or the child of two half-ogre. They are very strong and tough, but rather dim – as a result, they make excellent tank-like warriors but struggle in other classes. They have grey or grey-and-brown skin.

Each race has some base stats, and learning skills will cost different amounts of Character Points based on your race.

You must pick a race when you create your character, and this cannot be changed (except for newbies restatting their first character ).

Occasionally it is possible to play a non-standard race that’s based on an existing race or the GM Rules – speak to the Character Ref Team for full details.