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Kingdom Favour

The most obvious display of the gratitude of the Kingdom of Exiles for those who risk life and limb in it’s patrol system is danger pay, a lucrative source of income for any who wish the risk. However it is not the only form of reward that the Kingdom can offer it’s greatest heroes who have saved entire cities, baronies and all of reality on more than one occasion. These rewards can take many forms but are a show of the Kingdom Favour any character can earn through hard work and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds.

By default, a character gains Kingdom Favour points equal to their Rank/20. This is regardless of any changing of guilds or loyalties in that time. Kingdom favour points can be exchanged for any one of a number of boons depending on what the character wants. This rate of gain can vary depending upon the behaviour of the character in question.

Example: Baron Gustaf Van Heusen defended the West gate of Heusenberg for 24 hours straight against an entire orc tribe seeking to breech the walls and slaughter the citizens within. After the fact he was immediately granted a point of Kingdom Favour in the form of his Hero Ability “Bulwark of the Westgate”

Example: During the Royal Tournament of Arms, Marshall Eorith insulted the Baron openly to his face during the award ceremony. As a result, her next point of Kingdom Favour was delayed by 10 ranks.

Kingdom Favour points can only be exchanged during downtime. Unless otherwise noted, all boons cost 1 Favour.

Standard Boons

The following boons can be taken by any character with Kingdom Favour without requiring approval.

Threshold Increase

Special training allows the character to increase their Life Threshold by 9, or their Mana/Standing Threshold by 20.

Adept Skill

A character may immediately gain a Weapon/Spell or Miracle Adept of a level equal to the number of Kingdom Favour points they exchange. They must meet all pre-requisites for the adept, and a legal kingdom guild must give access to the adept.

Example: Tinker has 4 Kingdom Favour points. She chooses to exchange this for 1 use of Piercing (2H Spear) costing 1 Point and 1 use of Through (2H Spear) costing 3 Points.

Example: Seeker Chaucer has learnt the Shadow Spell “Darksight” and wants to learn the Speed Cast adept to not be overheard casting it. However no Kingdom guild offers Spell Adepts in dark magic, so they cannot use Kingdom Favour to learn it.

Gift of Wealth

The Kingdom offers a boon of wealth from the treasure vaults of the Kingdom. This takes the form of a magic/miraculous item of a value up to 21 groats, a base item for enchantment, consecration, rituals or ceremonies, a superior weapon or shield or a suit of superior armour. Multiple Kingdom Favour can be spent to increase the value of the item taken. A Character may trade in an item gained from this boon to upgrade to a higher quality version and only pay the difference in Favour. At the discretion of the Character Refs, a character may trade in an item acquired via other means for a higher quality item at a 1 KF penalty.

Example: Redferne, a Humacti, has acquired a superior sword from a Death Knight whilst patrolling and attempts to trade this in for a masterwork sword. The vaults of the Kingdom are awash with superior weapons acquired by Redferne, so this gains him no discount.

Example: Brend, a Gladiator, won a Masterwork sword in a Tournament of Arms in his journeyman days. Deciding he needs something more suited to the level of foe he frequently fights, he gifts the sword to the Kingdom to give to some other worthy adventurer in exchange for a Legendary Sword. This costs him 2 KF.

A character may also use Gift of Wealth to arrange a fair trade of magical or miraculous items if desired, on a power for power basis. This will only give access to legally available items. All base items are provided for free.

Example: Vertonius, a Life Paladin, can make Life items up to Level 1. He wants a permanent item of Displacement 4 (Level 3) but does not know any Light enchanters. He uses Gift of Wealth to arrange a trade of a permanent Death Resistance 1 item (Level 1) and a permanent Power Sight item (Level 1) for a permanent Displacement 4 item (Level 3). He loses 16 standing in making these items, but does not pay any money for base items to do so.

A character may supplement this value with money they already possess to buy a more expensive item. Any money unspent is lost.

Favour Spent Equipment Level Minimum Rank
1 Superior weapon/armour, Masterwork Focus or Consecration/Enchantment item 20
2 Legendary Focus or Consecration/Enchantment item, Masterwork weapon/armour 60
3 Legendary weapon/armour 100

Example: Trader Joe uses Gift of Wealth to purchase a single use Resurrection item (Value 18 groats). He does not keep the remaining 3 groats, despite his best efforts.

Example: Later in his career Trader Joe uses Gift of Wealth again to purchase a Daily Revive (T) item (Value 33 groats 9 florins). He spends 12 groats and 9 florins in addition to the Gift of Wealth.

Special Tuition

A character gains the ability to purchase 1 skill that they would not normally have access to which does not require special approval from the Character Refs.

Arcane Tuition

A character gains special training in a spell or miracle of their choice, allowing them to purchase it at Priest or Mage base cost for their race. They must already know all pre-requisites for the spell or miracle and have access to the spell or miracle, either from it being level 4 or below, from a guild, or from use of Special Tuition. If used to purchase Improve Mana or Standing, 10 points may be purchased at the discounted rate.

Example: Archibald, a Human Mage, knows the Death Miracle “Control Undead 1” which he purchased at a cost of 18 Character Points as a follower of Might. He uses Arcane Tuition to learn the Death Miracle “Control Undead 2” allowing him to buy it at 10 Character Points instead of 30 Character Points. He could not use it to learn “Control Undead 3”.

Battle Tuition

A character gains special training in a weapon, armour or shield skill of their choice, allowing them to purchase it at Warrior base cost for their race. They must already know all pre-requisites for the skill and have access to the skill either from it being publically available, from a guild, or from use of Special Tuition. This may also be used to purchase the Enhance Life skill, allowing for 6 points to be purchased at the discounted rate. This cannot be applied with other cost reductions from guild membership.

Example: Caled, an Elf Warden, gets half cost weapon skills by virtue of being a member of the Wardens. He wishes to buy 2 Handed Axe Expertise. He may either purchase it at 60 points using the Warden cost reduction, or use a Kingdom Favour to purchase it at 40 points at warrior cost for his race. He may NOT apply both bonuses to purchase it at 20 points.

Scouting Tuition

A character gains special training in a knowledge or subterfuge skill of their choice, allowing them to purchase it at Scout base cost for their race. They must already know all pre-requisites for the skill and have access to the skill either from it being publically available, from a guild, or from use of Special Tuition. This cannot be applied with other cost reductions from guild membership.

Background Apprenticeship

A character immediately gains a background skill at the Mastery level at no cost. This does not count towards their limit of background skills and is not restricted to skills from their background.

Restricted Boons

Restricted Boons represent potent abilities which the Kingdom does not give lightly, even to those heroes who have earned the right to request them at all. All restricted boons must be requested from and approved by the Character Refs

Special Tutition (Restricted)

A character gains the ability to purchase 1 skill that they would not normally have access to which would normally require special approval. This includes Lethal Strike, Legendary Mastery Skills, Spells and Rituals at level 5 and above. A legal Kingdom guild must offer training in the skill and the character must meet all requirements for learning the skill.

If used to acquire high level castings, the character may choose to gain one of the following:

Example: Giselle has been a very good Paladin and asks the Kingdom very nicely for level 5 Earth spells. They can learn Earth spells to Level 5, but not Water spells.

Example: Biscuit has been a very good Artificer and asks the Kingdom for teaching in Dispel Miracle. They can learn Dispel Miracle to level 10.

Example: Warden Elvin is an Earth Warden and has access to Earth Spells to level 10. He has learned to Spell Weave Bladesharp and Flameblade. In order to do this more effectively, he uses Special Tuition to be taught Spell Weave 6, Spell Weave 7 and Flame Blade 6

Restoration of the Spirit

The Kingdom provides the resources to remove a Spiritual Influence from the character via the process described in Spiritual Influences. All the other potential consequences from the process still apply other than requiring access to a suitable caster.

Example: Paladin Vertonius is suffering from the influence “Soulbound to an Elder Vampire” which risks him being possessed by an undead abomination. As a hero of the Kingdom, Vertonius uses his Kingdom Favour to ask for assistance in removing this influence. The Kingdom provide skilled Life Ceremonialists and Water Ritualists to remove the mental link, but cannot change the fact the Elder Vampire has now targeted Vertonius for a horrific death.

Hero Ability

The Kingdom offer special training and expertise to a character fitting to their noteworthy escapades. The form and potency of this ability are specific to each character and will depend on the amount of Favour exchanged. Alternatively this may be used to make an existing Hero Ability more potent.