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LARP Basics

BathLARP has a rich and exciting system with many different features for you to explore. The full version of the game rules can be found under the “System” menu at the top of the page, but it’s definitely not necessary to try and read it before you turn up. The basics are summarised below.

If you’re ever unsure about something, stop and ask! It is always okay to pause the game and help a newbie understand.

You may sometimes hear our system being referred to as ‘TL’ or ‘TonyLARP’. This is because the original ruleset was created by Tony Cruickshank.

Before your first game

Before turning up to your first game, it is advised that you read the introductory topics above, but don’t worry too much about memorizing any of it – we’ll go over the important bits again in person.

It is more important to make sure you are able to turn up with:

Although we do our best not to turn away anyone who just turns up, we’d also appreciate it if you email the committee beforehand ( ) so that we know to expect you