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Notable Personages

Across the Kingdom of Exiles (and beyond) can be found a number of well-known individuals, whose names are known across the patrolling system and even amongst the general population.

The following NPCs are considered reasonably well known within the Kingdom of Exiles (although it’s no guarantee that everyone will have heard of them). If you would like to use one of them, get in contact with the owner and/or the physrep listed. If you would like to add an NPC, please contact the committee; as a general rule only NPCs that have appeared in more than one plotline (ideally by more than one GM) will be included.

Trader Joe (Creator: Judith O./Warren J, Phys-rep: James G. (mostly, may vary))

Trader Joe initially showed up in the Carlin Howham area in AE114 during the Blight affair, peddling a mixture of potentially useless but always interesting junk. As no one ever seemed to buy anything off him it’s not known precisely where he’s found the money to expand, but in the following years he has slowly built up the Trader Joe’s Trading Collective, whose only rule seems to be that one must be called Joe to join.

Any links to the Cult of the Average Joe (or other cults) are entirely hearsay and rumour.

Pathfinder Over-captain (ret.) Helena Merrick (Creator: Judith O., Phys-rep: Judith O.)

Helena Merrick is a bit obsessed with odd creatures in the same way that the Last Sea is a little damp. She runs the Mythical Animal Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre in the Duchy of Riversmerge where various highly dangerous creatures are protected from the Kingdom and vice versa. As supplier to the Crown of the various components that can be acquired non-lethally from such creatures she’s generally allowed to get on with it – and acquire more creatures – as long as she can keep them under control.

She has a pet Giant Spider called Fluffy, and a Cold-Drake called Tiny. This tells you everything you need to know.