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Future Rules Changes

These are the things the Character Ref team are currently thinking about changing/adding to the rules. None are yet set in stone and more details will come out closer to the time.

Future Rules Changes

Give a reason for non ritualists to buy WWC?

Change Newbie bonus from start up to Rank 10 once to ‘Get 80 Monster points’

Odd and Sods

Remove Truestrike negation from Mirror Image.

Revise Summon Undead Servant in line with Animate Dead and the Monster Manual

Rework Throatslit

Increase Elf DTs to 5, Half Elf to 7

Increase Base Damage of Tree Form and Earth Form to Blunt 3 per level.

Change Tremor from falling over to being knocked back.

Change Subdue to a single purchase skill instead of levels. Revise Bounty Hunter bonuses accordingly.

Background Skills

Add Survival to Background Skills

Rework Background skills/Stereotypical skills

Remove skinning

Remove make mundane weapon and armour skills


Change Bless (Power blade) and Holy Word to work against ALL extraplanar creatures.

Add a Special Strike resistance casting to Life.

Remove Will to Life and spread abilities to other miracles

Add Pacify


Add advanced training from one other Defender branch (of Archer’s choice) to Archers.


Rework Amazons to remove sexism, keep tribal outsider theme.

Demon Hunters



Add smaller discounts to all make skills

Add discounts to relevant usage skills in the Artisan’s specialty area (So discount bow skills for a bow maker, armour skills for an armoursmith etc.)

Add Legendary equipment at rank 80.

Add a bonus to Gift of Wealth for mundane weapons/armour for Artisans

Minor Changes

Monster Manual: Finish adding new creatures & refining the Rec Creature matrix.

Revise/Define phys-rep standards for armour.