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Other Planes

“Planes” describes other realities that are linked to the reality of the Kingdom of Exiles. There are two ‘flavours’ of plane: those that are similar realities to the one in which the Kingdom of Exiles resides (referred to by some as ‘Sentrus’ due to events around the Shift site at Maiden Ery) but follow their own rules of magic, miracles and society, and those that are directly linked to a miraculous Path or magical School. The latter frequently have a number of sub-planes that follow variants on the theme.

Listed here are specific planes that have been visited at least semi-frequently by patrollees; where a creator is included, any use of the Plane should be agreed with them first.

Magical/Miraculous Planes

The Plane of Tortured Souls

The Plane of Tortured Souls is linked to the Plane of Death but is a separate entity in its own right. As the name suggests, any souls that end up here are tortured for eternity, their only release coming from being twisted into one of the unholy entities that become the undead.

Souls can reach the PoTS through one of two main ways; either by being so vile in life that they are sent there on death, or by being the unfortunate victim of Necromancy and being forcibly thrust into it while their body is effectively possessed and corrupted. Those in the latter group can only be brought back to life if they are rescued from the Plane before they too are corrupted.

Priests of Death are also capable of summoning entities from the Plane of Tortured Souls into vacated bodies, but this has no effect on the deceased’s soul.

The Plane of Order

Due to ability of some priests to move people into this Plane for short periods of time, this is probably the most well-known Plane to the Kingdom. It is the epitome of Order; shaded in tones of beige and grey, and described by some as being ‘cubular’, nothing ever changes – at least, not for long.

The Plane of Chaos

Home plane of demonkind, a place of constant shifting madness.

The Plane of Shadows

The Plane of the faithless – those who die without belief are sent there for their afterlife. A plane without true form or substance.

The Mists (Chris R.)

The Mists touch all things. They are the gaps between the Planes. Past, present, and future hold no meaning here as those who travel through the Rift may reach anywhere and anywhen.

In the middle of the Mists is a spot where time moves neither forward nor back. It is a tear in the fabric of the cosmos, the point of perfect balance between all forces of the universe. This place is known as the Rift and there is nothing to which it does not connect, nothing that cannot be reached from inside it. Those who have the know-how to travel across the universe through the Mists must pass through the Rift on their way to all other places. It is the centre of all things.

Similar Worlds

The Fae Realms (Ruth S., Dave S.)

The Fae Realms are as many and varied as the Planes, and are wholly under the control of the Fae. The general rule if you find yourself in the Fae Realms is to find a way out as quickly as possible; while it isn’t guaranteed that something bad will happen to you, at the very least you will find that the time you return home has little bearing on the time it was when you left…

The Citadel (Doug M-S.)

The Citadel is a plane of existence and a gianormous city state all at once – a monument to the exceptional technological advancement of a race with a total understanding of magical and divine power, and the way in which they can be worked with in harmony with their nature to achieve works of great scale and utility. It is the pinnacle of evolution to which sentient races may strive in their time.

It is also the spiritual home to a reclusive but highly advanced race called the Durae’el, who remain behind in spirit, but not in body, their Citadel guarding their immense knowledge and power against misuse while teaching it freely to any who can prove themselves genuinely worthy of knowing it.

Bader (James W.)

See the entry under Player-created Nations.

The Labyrinth (Dominic D.)

Somewhere between a plane and a sentient entity, the Labyrinth drifts between the other planes; when it intersects one it ‘borrows’ a handful of people from the plane and sets them on a series of challenges. No one is quite sure why. A consequence of its last interaction with the Kingdom of Exiles is that a number of patrollees are capable of accessing Labyrinth in a way that some priests and mages can access the Planes of Order and Earth.

As well as being sentient, Labyrinth is known to have a very particular sense of humour.