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2016/2017: Rybek Pass

Campaign Overview

In 98 AE, Guard Captain Lannister lead a revolt in the northwest of the Van Heusen Barony, aided by some orc tribes. He managed to control the region and has now been recognised as Baron Lannister.

During the revolt, the Orc Chieftain of Clan Bloodmaw was killed and the new chieftain, Yunkel One-eye, broke alliance with Lannister and took control of Rybek Pass on the new border. For the most part, the orcs stayed in the mountains, occasionally raiding on both sides, until a joint Lannister-Van Heusen force dealt with them.

A rookie patrol was set up to monitor the Pass and demonstrate co-operation between the Baronies – but no one expected that the Pass had a secret that only the Orcs had been keeping at bay…

Campaign GMs

Dave S.
James MW.

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Message Boards

Rybek: Graveston Garrison
Rybek: Van Heusen Patrol Tent