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2023/24 Gathering Storm

OOC Information

Contact the GMs:

The Campaign is split into several smaller Mini-Arcs (1-3 games) run as self-contained Stories. There will be 16 games split into 5 arcs with one set up game for the 36hr.

Each GM will be taking it in turns to helm their Mini-Arc, players can play as many or as few of the games as they wish.

A downtime system will be available, details of that will be coming after the first Arc is complete.

If anyone wants to become a permanent monster, please let the GM’s know so we can give you some fun NPC roleplay.

This campaign will involve combat, diplomacy, investigation and maybe a few puzzles. So all characters are welcome and we have no restriction on race, class or guilds.

What the GM’s need:

For anyone wanting to play a character in The Gathering Storm Campaign, please email the Campaign email with the following questions answered (if you can’t answer them yet, that’s absolutely fine).

What is your character’s name?

What pronouns does your character use?

What race is your character?

What guild does your character belong to (if any)?

Does your character have any short term or long term goals for the campaign?

What is your character’s initial attitudes to Undead, Demons and Goblins?

Does your character want to have a leadership role?

Any extra information (backstory included) that the GM’s should know?

IC information

Silva Ciminenia

The area is to the South-West of the Barony, near the delta – a stretch of Ancient Forest called the Silva Ciminenia
This forest is ruled over by a senate of Treants, with several Saplines and their ‘foster’ tribes.
The Barony is asked specifically (due to their help at the 24 hour event) to establish a patrol to investigate the Anarchy attacks.

Once we have a better grasp of Characters, the NPC’s list will be updated.

Notable locations


Senator Taxus