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The Quick Guide to Items

Magic items are items that allow the user to use magic or miracles without having to learn the spells or miracles. They can be everything from potions of healing, and scrolls to Raise the Dead to life, to flaming swords, wands of Ice Dart, and amulets of toughness.

In game terms they allow the user to cast the spell or miracle with some advantages which are listed below. They require the person who makes the item (or charges it) to have either the enchant item (for spells) or consecrate item (for miracles) to a level at least as good as the spell you’re putting in the item as well as knowing how to cast the spell/miracle.

As you learn more levels of the skill you can make items that contain more powerful spells, make them keyed to a specific race or guild or ensure that they can never be removed from you.



Different types of Item

There are 5 different types of magical item:

A magical liquid that casts the effect embedded in it on the drinker, even if it’s an offensive effect. You can also store more than one effect in a single potion. The mana/standing used to create the potion returns after the potion has been entirely used up.
A scroll is the knowledge of how to cast a specific spell/miracle, if you can read it and have access to the correct magical school/miraculous path then you can use the scroll to cast the spell immediately. For example the spell Raise Dead would allow someone who is Life Aligned and who could read the scroll to raise a dead person back to life, even if they do not know how to cast the Raise Dead miracle normally. However the scroll is only single use and the user need to have the mana or standing to power it…
One-shot items
An item created with a single use of a spell/miracle, they are cheap to make and cheap to buy but can only be used the once. It needs half the usual amount of mana/standing to create a one shot item and once they are used the mana/standing used to create it returns.
Charged items
Items that are created with a number of charge slots of a particular spell/miracle you can then charge the item with a bit of time and mana/standing to enable you to use the spell. The advantage of these items are you can hold quite a lot of charges in relatively cheap items but they do require more permanently used mana/standing when fully charged. Half the power used to normally cast the spell is used to create the ‘charge slot’, another half is permanently used to fill the slot with a charge so you can actually use it, however when you use the charge you can recover the mana/standing used to charge it.
Daily Items
Items that can cast a given spell/miracle once per day and can be used again 24 hours later effectively recharging themselves. These cost 2/3rds of the usual amount of mana/standing to cast the spell.
Permanent items
Permanent items can be really powerful items such as permanently flaming swords, shields that are extremely difficult to break and bracelets that make the user tougher or stronger. Any spell or miracle that lasts for 15 minutes can be made into a permanent item (which is basically all the buffing spells/miracles). By using the same amount of mana/standing that would normally take to cast the spell 4 times you can have the spell/miracle run for 24 hours, plus if it gets dispelled it will effectively turn off for 15 minutes and turn back on afterwards! (something no other type of item or spell will do). The downside of permanent items is that they require an expensive item to create, permanently magical swords, shields and armour needs to be of a superior quality which is expensive and even bracelet and rings can cost a lot depending on how powerful the item you’re trying to create is.

Identifying Items

by Peter