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Dealing With Fae

A guide by o Kadija le Miloshki la Sounyaki le Linteki anda le Bashaldo vitsa

Gypsies like me tend to have a lot of encounters with the fae; it’s just one of the hazards of the Road, especially in Ludshire. I won’t lie to you and say they’re harmless, because even the ‘nice’ ones really aren’t, but there’s a lot of things you can do to reduce the chance of you going missing for a couple of centuries or getting yourself horribly cursed.


Most important thing to work out when you come across fae is if they’re Seleighe or Unseleighe, Light Court or Dark – Light Court doesn’t mean you’re safe, so much as less in trouble. Asking them is usually a bad plan. In general, if they go straight to killing or corrupting, they’re probably Unseleighe, and if they give you a chance to talk and are more mischievous, they’re probably Seleighe.

Sprites et al: A lot like their regular magical cousins, they like to be annoying and they’re annoyingly likeable. Your best bet is to put up with their antics and maybe buy them off with chocolate, games and shiny things.

Fae-Hounds: Big, fast, agile, extremely nasty. Usually found in packs, often at the head of a Wild Hunt. The moment you hear them, run.

Naiads: Water-spirits. Small, sweet-natured, their voices can take over a listener’s mind if they’re unprepared. At which point, either you’re stuck by the water until they let you go or you’ll dive into it…depends how nice they’re feeling.

Boggarts: Malevolent tricksters with a nasty streak who call on Chaos as often as they cause it.

Red-Caps: Nasty little things, their caps are red because they’re died in the blood of their victims. Very strong for their size and poison their weapons.

Lords and Ladies: Generally human- or elf-shaped in appearance, these are the top fae you’re likely to meet (unless you’re really unlucky). Strong, powerful, usually with a hefty dose of casting to back up their opinions. If you meet them on their home turf, there’s almost no limit to what they can do.


Deals with the Fae

The foremost rule about making deals with the fae is Don’t. Really. Whatever you do, it will go badly somehow. Only accept anything from them if they say that it is freely given without favour; if they accept anything from you, don’t try to get anything out of them for it unless you really, really have no choice.