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The Wonderful World of Fungi

A lecture summary by Seeker Gish.

  1. Fungi link all organisms, often living within others, especially plants which in many cases cannot live without the ’shroom symbiont.
  2. Fungi perform an important role in the entropy of the world and by harnessing the power of the ’shroom it has been shown that one can bring destruction to the most powerful of objects.
  3. Fungi form a web of consciousness and by seeing through the eyes of a ’shroom one can see many invisible creatures, dragons disguised as rabbits, invisible guards.
  4. Not all fungi are willing to let you join their consciousness, most will perform no function when concentrated, and others will wilfully kill the unwitting human. One must choose certain friendly fungi that wish to share the secrets of the world.
  5. Fungi were the dominant race before the elves colonised the land and the two species lived harmoniously, walking the land together. This was ended when the orcs and goblins attacked Fungland and brutally supressed the ’shrooms. Today the fungi fight a silent war against the orcs, sneaking up on them with guile and killing them in hordes, indeed it was the function as orc control that I first became interested in the mushrooms.

DISCLAIMER: Making ’shroom concentrate is dangerous and should only be attempted by qualified profesionals in controlled circumstances.

For samples of mushroom concentrate please contact Seeker Gish at the Temple of Freedom.