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Appropriate Uses of Wood

Widely distributed pamphlet, author unknown.

It has come to my attention that you barony folk are using the trees without understading how to do so! Therefore it is treely my duty to explain matters too you!

Firstly, Trees Should be respected and admired at all times. They are a sacrificial power and are more than willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good! Therefore A tree wood be willing to give up its life in order to make a home-shelter for a cold family, or to be burnt to provide warmth, but not to create a big fire to burn people on!

Weapons are allowed to be made from trees as long as these weapons are only used for the protection of the trees in turn! Any such weapons are a gift from nature, granted bye the willing trees and are thus ok. Un like metal weapons which demonstrates damaging nature by removing it entirely!


Lastly, wood from trees should not be taken in excess, and so a forest should bee allowed to regrow before cutting down more trees, else it will disappear and then there will be NO TREES!!!!

Lastly but not leastly, It has recently come two my attention that books are made from paper is made from trees. This is OK as long as the paper is used to store the knowledge of the trees or to give out the words of the trees. The books should be looked after and the trees thanked for there sacrifice!

Trees and Leafs!


Lastly, you have to always thank the trees for their services amd sacrifices whenever one is used!

Thankyou for reading this!