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Ranger Orchid

Orchid’s Test

Promotion Prospects

Orchid’s Test

The Test

What I Did On My Test – Report of Orchid’s test to prove that he can be a Pathfinder.

Brief: You will turn at to the front door of the Pathfinder College at midday to be met by Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick who will then give you further instructions about the tasks you will do. When you have completed the tasks, you will write a full, accurate report on what you have achieved/failed to do today, and this report will include a section on what you have learned today. It will also include this brief. Failure to be accurate in the report, or even to produce a report will result in a failure for this test.

I met Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick at midday on the steps in front of the Pathfinder College. He explained further why I was doing this test, and why I wasn’t allowed to go on the mission. I said that there were undead around and that they should be got rid off immediately, and I probably sulked a bit. Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick just looked at me, and told me to be quiet, and that he didn’t care if there were undead out there. Those sent on the mission were sent to deal with them, I wasn’t. He then gave me a list of orders that I was to complete by sundown, and if I had any problem with completing them, I was to appropriately tell him why. He also said that any order that I did not appropriately tell him I had a problem with I would be expected to complete.

The orders were as follows:

  1. Sweep the steps of the Pathfinder College.
  2. Do 20 laps of the Pathfinder College Playing Fields.
  3. Obtain Pathfinder Commander Drift’s personal diary from his locked drawer in his study.
  4. Clean out the Boys Toilet at the Pathfinder College.
  5. Find the 20 Pathfinder Badges that have been hidden around the college following various clues.
  6. Obtain Guard Captain G’Mords Horned Helmet.
  7. Read chapters 1, 2, and 3 in the Pathfinder’s Handbook, especially noting the sections on following orders.
  8. Go round and pick up all the litter that is on the floor in the market square and place it in the bin’s provided.

I started off by complaining to Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick that some of these were cleaners jobs and it was totally unfair to make me do them. He said that he now expected me to complete orders 1, 4, and 8 if I wanted to become a Pathfinder. I realised then that my sulking at him was only likely to get me dirtier, smellier jobs. I went away and read chapters 1, 2, and 3 in the Pathfinder’s Handbook. They were all about folowing orders, and what to do if you think orders are silly, and the proper way to go about it. I went back to Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick and asked whether I would actually be allowed to get Knight Pathfinder Commander Drift’s diary coz it was locked in his study, and I wouldn’t be able to get in there. He agreed, and said that I didn’t have to do that one. I also questioned getting G’Mords Horned Helmet, and he said I didn’t have to do that either coz I would probably be accused of stealing, which would be bad. I then asked about the litter order, but he said I still had to do that one coz I had been insubordinate before. I almost told him it was unfair, but then I remembered what Mr Sorin Catar had told me about respecting people and getting them to respect me and how sulking and stropping wasn’t good. Then I did the 20 laps of the field. That was easy. After that, I swept the steps, and cleaned out the loos. They smelt really bad. Then I started looking for the 20 badges. I had found 16 of them before the clues ran out. I went to see Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick again and explained that the clues had run out, and that I had found 16 so far, and he said good, I didn’t have to find the others. Then I went out to the market place to pick up the litter. What I wasn’t told was that everyone would be moved out of the area I was cleaning so I could get access to it. They all stood around the edge and watched, and so I had everyone pointing and laughing at me. It was really humiliating. I felt really bad. After I had finished, it was getting dark, and I went back to Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick to tell him I had finished. He gave me a lecture on following orders, and respecting command. He then told me to go and write the report to give to him as soon as possible.

What I learned: I learned that to be a pathfinder, you need to follow orders, and to respect command. If you don’t, then you don’t get to be a pathfinder, and you get stuck cleaning out toilets, or cleaning market places with everyone pointing and laughing at you. I also learned that you can challenge orders, but you have to have good reason, and you have to do it properly. I really want to be a full pathfinder, so I am going to try really hard to stick to the rules from now on.

Ranger Orchid.

The Result

Ranger Orchid, you have passed the test, and your special permission to go on missions has been re-instated. However, Should you revert back to insubordination, not following orders, or making rude gestures at people, then it will be revoked instantly. Your actions previous to this test have made it so that you are now walking a very tight line. For at least your next mission, despite what mission experience you have, you will not be in charge of anybody. Effectively, you will be the lowest ranking Pathfinder on the mission, and you will be expected to follow the orders of any higher ranking Pathfinders, and also the party leader, whomever that may be.

Notes To Pathfinders Seyenne and Arduyne Montoya only:

I would be grateful if you two could keep tabs on Ranger Orchid when he is out on missions with you, and if he returns to his insurbordinate ways, then I would be grateful if you could let me know. He is still young, but he needs to control his temper. He is learning though. He will not be in charge of either of you, despite his mission experience, so don’t let him try to boss you around, because he has no authority to do so.

Promotion prospects look bad!

Sir, I feel it is appropriate to mention at this juncture that having looked back on my records I should be up for promotion after my next mission. Orchid tells me you have denied him his title even though his level of aptitude would usually suggest such promotion is suitable. What worries me is that Ranger Orchid has a tendency to let rank dictate his feelings towards others, looking down on anyone less able in their positions than he is, most pointedly whithin the guild but also noticably to the patrol group in general. I wonder what his reaction would be, knowing that he IS the best in the group, upon finding that the rest of us have been granted sergeant status and he hasn’t. It’s a nagging thought. It’s bad enough to have to babysit a stroppy teenager who’s too big for his boots without pouring salt in the open wounds he claims to have. (excuse the metaphors.) To be honest I don’t know what to suggest, as I would not feel comfortable forgoing promotion I have earned simply for his sake, but at the same time I would have to agree with you that he has not earned the respect and trust of the guild required for such promotion. It seems either way the situation will be an uncomfortable one. If you could let me know how you see the situation I would be much obliged.

Memo to Pathfinder Seyenne only:
Pathfinder Seyenne, your concerns about Ranger Orchid have been duly noted. At present, Ranger Orchid is merely on trial as a full Pathfinder, however his recent actions have been less than satisfactory for a Pathfinder. I will not go into details, but it is because of these actions that he is not getting the promotion he would have gained, and he is being made well aware of this. If he continues to be insubordinate whilst he is out patrolling with you, then do not hesitate to report his actions to Pathfinder Commander Hazlewick. He is keeping very close tabs on young Ranger Orchid, and is following his progress very closely.
Commander Drift