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How to loke aftere yoar patrowl

by Paladin Malleus.

Malleus is want rite some thing to help peepul look after peepul in patrowl so that peepul doent get hert or lost or bad things happun to peepul. So Malleus is make bock.

Ferst is lesson that is always looking round. If can see all peepul in patrowl then they is safe. If not see peepul then is maybee seckunds away from bad things. Also if looking round can see bad peepul who might be hidding or far away so no about them.

Seckund is who in patrowl. Is not all peepul fitey. Some say werds and make magick or do finding paths. If peepul not in proper armur, and proper armur is made of metal, then is maybee need looking after. If peepul wear dresses and girls clothes but is not look like girls then is maybee mage and need looking afters or is elf or is maybe both. Or is maybee Tracee, but then she look after hersellf. If try run in front and look like not wearing proper armur then is person who find paths, they get in trubble lots and need looking afters. Sometime peepul think do one thing in patrowl but is no good, like priest who try to fite or like drewid who try to sneek then they get in moar lots of trubble.

Therd is cant run to big fite and leave patrowl with no fitey person. Is need able run back. Is need stay and not do fite but is do scair bad people so not need fite. Maybeee not fite all day but is meen not louse fite and louse peepul. That is goodday.

Fawrfth is do heeling. As if fitey then bad stuff happen then is ferst-reesponce to peepul who fall over bad. Then is peepul stand up and all is okey.

That is mye bock. Malleus is howp is help.