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Standard Rules

2 players
Hexagonal grid board, with 8 hexes per side.

Different playable sides: Kingdom, Undead, Greenskins, Demonologist. Set of 50 pieces, with each piece worth [n] points; start with [m] points and “buy” pieces. Each side has a Leader piece. Each piece has its own rules to move and abilities and can deal so much damage (M[x], D[y], A[z]). Each piece has so much life represented by [n-1] damage counters.

All Leader pieces have the special ability that lets them generate new troops; the piece that can be added to play depends on how many turns the ability is Held, based on its worth.

In a turn, up to three pieces can move per side, up to three pieces can use one ability, and up to three pieces can attack a piece in an adjacent square. Pieces cannot move through a hex occupied by an enemy piece. The first move of any piece in a given turn costs M1, but all further moves cost the Move of the tile type. Pieces end their move facing in the direction of travel.

Each piece is stacked on damage counters (red). For each point of damage, lose a counter – the last ‘hit’ takes the piece off the board.

Aim of the game is conquest. Kill the opposing side’s leader to win.



Must spawn from Mountains on own side of board. Blue pieces.


Must spawn from hexes adjacent to Lich. Black pieces.


Must spawn from Mountains on own side of board. Green pieces.


Must spawn from hexes adjacent to Demonologist. Yellow pieces.

Alternative Rules


Instead of a fixed board, coloured hexagonal tiles can be used to create a ‘board’ of any shape, size or configuration.


Extra teams may be created – Hassani, Barbarian, Cathay etc.


More teams can be added to the board, either as independant groups or as alliances – or even as mercenaries-for-hire.

Capture the Castle

An area of the board is nominated as one side’s Domain. The other side must occupy every hex to win.