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On the Jade Lady and her Brothers

A presentation given by High Wizard Nessa at the patrollee information pooling session on the 8th of September 112AE.

A long time ago, before the Kingdom of Exiles had even been dreamt of, before the Hassani had formed their Empire, lived a people who worshipped a trinity of deities – two brothers and their sister.

As most of you know, myself and Onyxbalm worship the sister, Xochtlicue. More commonly known as the Jade Lady or the Butterfly. She has aspects of nature, freedom and air. She also forms the balance between her brothers. Her time is the dawn, the time between light and dark, the balance and the bridge.

Her brothers are Xuihteotl also known as the Turquoise Lord or the Phoenix. I believe Paladin Archer champions his cause. The Turquoise Lord has aspects of the fire, light and justice. He is strongest in the light.

Necoctzicoatl is the first of the three, but for our purposes the worst and therefore least. He is known as the Obsidian, the Scorpian. His nature is of darkness, of death and of necromancy. He is strongest in the dark, his powers are most potent then.

At some point, there was discord between them. The Jade Lady and the Turquoise Lord should have been able to band together and overthrow their brother, but by means as yet unknown, he was able to stop them, and to, for want of a better word, put them to sleep. It is the efforts of the patrols that has awakened them and for that we are so grateful.

However, this effort cost him dearly and he has been weak for long ages. In that time the Hassani Empire rose and fell, and a new people, the Kingdom of exiles settled these lands. It has only been in recent years that Necoctzicoatl has awakened. He does, however, have a fairly strong following of death and might priests, necromancers and intelligent unliving. The patrols stopped his most recent attempts to defeat his siblings but he has now been quiet for a year. Onyx and I are worried by this. The longer he’s quiet, the more likely whatever he’s planning is complex.

We’re currently working on the Jade Lady’s temple. We’ve finished the shrine, the dormitories, the kitchen and dining area and the library is almost built, though sadly lacking in volumes to fill it at the current time. The easiest way to give power to the Butterfly and to the Phoenix is to give them worship. It strengthens them, against their brother, and makes it easier for them to grant us what is needed to stop him.

We’ve had thoughts about a festival for her, and a chance to show what we have achieved in more detail. With that aim in mind we’d like to invite you all and any others you think would be interested to visit us in the spring. We’re hoping to have more details nearer the time, but we’ve not organised anything properly yet!