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The Noddy Guide to What Stuff's Worth

While it’s a good idea to have a list of current market prices in case you have the chance to pick something up on a patrol, this is my quick guide to what rough resale prices you might expect – and in the case of wibbly items a guess at what sort they might be.

Pathfinder Noddy

Armour, Shields and Weapons can be Standard, Superior, Masterwork or Legendary

The thicker the armour and the bigger the weapon or shield, the more it’s worth.

Superior light armour starts at 10g and goes up to 20g
Masterworked light armour starts at 100g
Superior heavy armour starts at 25g and goes up to 35g
Masterworked heavy armour starts at 160g

Superior shields are between 15g and 25g.
Masterworked shields are between 120g and 160g.

Superior melee weapons start from 10g for daggers and go up to 22g 5f for two-handed weapons
Masterworked melee weapons start from 100g and go up to 150g

Superior ranged weapons start from 20g and go up to 35g for stronger bows
Masterworked ranged weapons start from 140g and go up to 200g

Ritual Components come as Standard (free), Superior (1f), Masterwork (4f) or Legendary.
Ritual Focuses come as Standard (free), Superior (8f), Masterwork (4g) or Legendary.

Base Items (pre-consecration) can be: Ubiquitous (free), Common (6f), Uncommon (1g), Rare (4g) or Unique.

Potions, Scrolls, One-Shot and Charged items are usually Ubiquitous or Common
Daily items are usually Common or Uncommon but sometimes Rare
Permanent items must be at least Uncommon, are often Rare and occasionally Unique

Items get more expensive as the casting in them gets more powerful.

Potions and Scrolls range from a few florins to more than 20g
One-Shot items range from around a groat to up to 30g
Charged items vary depending on the charges, but start at around 3g and can (for a single charge) go over 50g.
Daily items range from around 4g to around 60g.
Permanent items start at 18g and go up to multiple hundreds of groats

Legendary equipment and Unique items can never be bought – they can only be ‘acquired’ – so are priceless. If you get hold of one of these, be aware that they usually have ‘side-effects’, especially if it’s a weapon or shield.

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