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Setting - The Temple of Justice

IC: Welcome to the Temple of Justice

To our newest Marshal,

Welcome to the Temple of Justice. Whatever purpose you find with us, I hope you will be fulfilled and lead a just and fair life. I pray that our Path guides you and helps you make good and honest choices. You have chosen a Path that is respected and loved- I am sure you will prove worthy of it.


As a Marshal, you promise to be fair and honest in all your dealings with others, and to never refuse a request to mediate a dispute. You will help other members of the Temple, and you will bring all members of the Temple of Anarchy to Justice.


We offer advanced training in all the arts of Justice, so whether you are a healer, a protector or an advocate you will receive the education you need to do your good work. We also train Marshals to be able to distinguish truth from lie, and for those who seek to apprehend the enemies of Justice we can offer training in martial skills.

The shield of faith

Our symbol is the shield, representing both the protection Justice brings to the Barony, and those who fight to preserve it. Your battles may be physical, countering the forces of Anarchy and evil, or they may be of the mind, helping others make good decisions, finding the best solution to difficult problems, or changing the hearts of others to bring them closer to Justice.

May Justice guide you,

Marshal Armeny

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The Peace of Justice! – a Tower of Light Promotional Illusion on behalf of the Temple of Justice (Flickr).

Player-Created Snippets

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OOC: Playing a Marshal

The full rules for The Temple of Justice can be found under:

Player Rules – The Kingdom – Guilds – Temples – Justice

The Temple of Justice is one of the major institutions of law and order in the Barony, but there are many different things you can do as part of the temple. A Marshal can have many purposes and specialise in many different things, but they are all part of one of the most trusted and (amongst normal people) respected guilds in the Kingdom, and this is why their restrictions include being fair and honest in all their dealings, and mediating any dispute if asked.

Your character might have joined the Temple of Justice because of their strong faith, or perhaps they have a personal reason to want to hunt down criminals. They may have been raised in the Temple as an orphan, or come to it later in life. Perhaps they see the Temple as a way to help right the wrongs in this world, or else a source of training for their preferred skill, be that healing, defence or something else.

A Marshal can play many different roles in a party. Some take advantage of the training in weapon and armour skills to help them apprehend criminals and win battles. Some are dedicated healers whose skills focus on fixing wounds and curing diseases. Marshals can also be jacks-of-all-justicey-trades, with access to miracles that harm undead, heal people, buff and protect and more. Some are lawyers and advocates, or earnest mediators who want to resolve situations and make sure things are right. However, nearly all Marshals are asked to help with healing their party, and they may find themselves consulted on important moral decisions.

Members of the Temple of Justice are always useful because their skills of healing and buffing are never unwelcome on a patrol. There will always be something to do. However, if you don’t enjoy healing people or the occasional bit of thinking, do be aware that Marshals will almost always be asked to do at least a little healing and are sometimes asked what they think the right thing to do is. While most friendly NPCs will respect you you may encounter friction when your morals clash with those of party members who do not follow Justice or want to deal with problems in a more cutthroat way.

Remember that Justice doesn’t have to mean nice! Exactly what Justice means is up to each individual player to decide.

As a Marshal, your character would know:

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