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Setting - The Temple of Order

IC: Welcome to the Temple of Order

Welcome Letter (Document WP-001-A)

To our new Judge,

Welcome to the Temple of Order. Your application paperwork has been processed and we are pleased to welcome you as a Judge. Your welcome pack should include this letter, information on quarters, meals and requisitioning, your first week’s schedule, a copy of key Temple Rules and Regulations and a feedback form. Please fill this in and return to Central Offices to rate your induction process.

Key Temple Rules and Regulations

The list enclosed in your welcome pack (Document WP-003-B) contains the rules and regulations which apply to a Judge in the Barony Van Heusen Temple of Order. However, it is never too early to be reminded of the most important regulations, which you agreed to on Application Form AF-012-A.

  1. Never knowingly tell a lie.
  2. Do not aid the forces of Chaos by causing damage or destruction.
  3. Rule on all disputes of law.
  4. See that the laws of the Kingdom and Barony Van Heusen are upheld.
  5. Obey the orders of your superiors.

Regulation KR-5 (Obeying Superiors) may be waived if said orders are contrary to Kingdom or Barony Van Heusen law.

Training Program

Your schedule will include an optional induction session for the Long Term Skill Progression and Training Programme. The LTSPTP enhances a Judge’s skills in multiple ways, including (but not limited to):

Please refer to your Welcome Pack for further information or contact a senior Judge for assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Judge Octagona Prang

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OOC: Playing a Judge

The full rules for The Temple of Order can be found under:

Player Rules – The Kingdom – Guilds – Temples – Order

The Temple of Order is a home to many priests of Order, and also one of the institutions that handles law in the Barony. They have some unique restrictions – a Judge is not allowed to cause damage to anything as this aids the forces of Chaos. If they do cause damage, they receive a powerful backlash proportionate to their rank. By the end of their first campaign, an Order priest could explode themselves into 6 separate pieces simply by hitting someone! However, in return, Judges receive hefty innate power and normal armour, as the forces of Order protect them.

There are many reasons to join the Temple of Order. Perhaps your character has strong faith, or maybe they were raised by the Temple as an orphan. Order may be something that makes them feel safe, or maybe they use the rules on not lying and not damaging anything to help control their darker urges. They might believe in the utmost importance of the law, or just want things to be neat and tidy and predictable.

Judges are non-combatants, so it’s probably a bad idea to carry a weapon unless you’re absolutely sure you will only use it to parry or block and will never be tempted to strike back. The Order list lends itself well to being a buff priest, as it has many protective and defensive spells. Some characters like to be part of the Temple for a while then leave for a guild that lets them fight, but the special benefits only last as long as you hold to the guild restrictions.

The strengths of Order priests are that their miracles are always useful, and they rapidly become hard to kill. If you want to do fighting, then a Judge is not for you because they really can’t cause damage. There can be a lot of fun roleplay to be gained from trying to be Ordered and lawful in the messy world of patrolling, but do be prepared for some characters to resent yours if they are too rigid and harsh.

People often enjoy playing Judges as characters with a lot of paperwork – as per the IC welcome letter – but this is not necessary. How you play Order and what your character does in the Temple are, as long as you obey the guild restrictions, completely up to you.

As a Judge in the Temple of Order, your character would know that:

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