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The Hassani Empire: A guide to foreigners

As a balanced aligned ruler, the empire has seen peace and prosperity under his current rule and hopes to pass on such ideals to the next Emperor to ensure the empire remains so for centuries to come.

All generals of each company have their say in council and when disagreements occur they find compromise with each other under the watchful eye of the Emperor.

Should opposing parties clash and come to fighting then where possible a champion should be chosen and the winner of that is the winner of the argument as is the will of Ra, god of all.

Magic and Miracles are gifts from the gods themselves and should be a gift used as little or as often as the person gifted with them seems fit. The wielder is blessed by the gods and should be treated as such.

Those gifted with summoning the creatures of the god realm should be treated like any other blessed by the gods. Spirits are a useful asset to society when controlled skillfully and many things found in the empire would not be here without them.

Those who summon the dead to return to their bodies should be sent to the temples of rebirth to use their abilities in the correct way. Anyone who creates creatures of undead through improper methods are robbing souls from the gods themselves and should be condemned. Corpses should only be summoned to protect the bodies of those more important than themselves within tombs and places of worship.

All gods should be worshipped equally though followers of Seth should do so out in the desert where they belong lest they cause drought and famine within the settlements.

Outside the empire, The Hassani have very strong allies to the elven tribes that surround them but are in constant threat from the north-men and southern-women who raid and attack fairly frequently.

The North-men are significantly worse than the Southern-women as they attack without thought other than to ransack, pillage and kill. The Southern-women however seem to steer clear of anything blessed by Bastet so placing her statue outside your home generally keeps you safe.