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Preserving the Body and Soul of the Dead

It is well known that the Body exists to encase and preserve the Soul, much as the Soul exists to give life and motion to the Body. When alive, this symbiosis gives rise to all the beauty and bounty of the world of the living, the realm of Ra and the light of the Sun. It is in death, that the powers of Darkness and Night can seep in. It is the nature of all Life to end, but if the path to Death is not properly travelled, the rot of the Body can spread to and condemn the Soul. Those who seek to avoid such a fate would do well to learn and spread the knowledge of this book.

First, the dead should be washed, and cleansed of the dust and soil of this mortal plane, ready to pass on without such burdens. Next, a skilled surgeon should take upon the task of removing from the body the most vital organs to be stored in separate jars, lest these centres of divine and mortal power interfere with the preservation. It is important to keep them nearby so that the deceased should be made whole again in the next life.

Then thou should take wrappings, prepared and inscribed with the powers and prayers of the great Path of Balance and bind the body in them physically such that it replicate the spiritual binding the body imposes on the soul. Choose one of the five prayers of protection when producing a wrapping to ward against the hazards of the world.

The Prayer of the Swift Traveller: This prayer grants the spirit swiftness on the paths between the planes, allowing passage without delay

The Prayer of the Warrior: This prayer ensures the spirit shall never be defenceless against the hazards of the underworld

The Still of the Eclipse: This prayer prevents the knocks and bumps of travel from causing minor injuries to the spirit

The Ward of Seasons: This keeps away the harsh sun or cold ice of the desert day or night during the journey of souls

The Vitality of the Troll: This fills the spirit with energy to overcome all challenges.

If you find yourself lacking time to prepare the bandages, the Path of Death can replicate their protection of the soul for a short time, by calling upon the power to Entrap the Soul, which holds the soul within the dead body for as long as it is cast upon them, as long as it has not been called beyond.