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The Queen’s Letter

Emperor Ozzimandias has chosen me to be his companion for all eternity and so I write this to myself to remind myself why such a lovely thing has happened should my mind become cloudy upon my rebirth!

Firstly, you are Queen Ymunet, first wife and most beloved of Emperor Ozzimandias whom this tomb belongs to. You must place your crown upon your head, collect your animal protectors from The Menagerie and make your way to his chamber as quickly as possible. Be not afraid of the traps around you, they only effect mortals which hopefully you are not now. You will be met by the household guard who will help you the rest of the way.

With that out of the way, remember and know that you are loved. You blessed The Emperor with Twin Sons who have grown into capable leaders. He doted on your every whim and while The Stone menagerie is cold and unfeeling the real one housed all of your favourite animals and more.It was found within a garden that was formed by an oasis created by bound spirits to keep it fertile and lush all year round!

At night you rarely slept in your own chambers and when the act was done you remained enveloped in his arms long after the sun had risen. The other wives were often sent back at dawn.

In battle you were often permitted to ride your chariot along side The Emperor and actually, it was your prowess in battle that drew him to you. You do none of that now though, of course. There is no need. You’ve kept your skills sharp with sequences but nothing more.

You are a goddess now, to be worshipped, protected and loved by Ozzymandias. Take your place by his side and rule for eternity.