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Ymunet’s Diary

…At first I did not approve of Nubia and her arrival to the palace but she has proven to be a dear friend and exciting bed-mate. While Ozzimandias originally had us both in bed together because he could not perform without me it has proven to be an enjoyable experience. May our partnership continue onwards.

…I have been blessed with children and Nubia won’t be long after! Hope this doesn’t mean we’ll be faded into the background again…I know Ozzi is a busy man but…i miss his company when he’s not around. Zosar and Abraxis are my everything, I will devote everything to them and help Nubia when hers comes along too. Bastet be praised.

..Zosar and Abraxis are growing up to become very different personalities. Zosar seems to favour his father’s love of books and knowledge while Abraxis is more into action and adventure. I see Abraxis out playing sword with Safiya while Zosar sits on the steps reading a book that is far too advanced for his age. If they could only rule together. Together they would rival their father in greatness.

…Choosing Abraxis as heir has driven a wedge between my sons I hope time can repair. I do not blame Ozzi for this decision though. Abraxis shows interest in his responsibilities and embraces them. Zosar continues to dig himself deeper in the libraries and has started walking the path of The Magus. I worry about his obsession with the bound spirits. Ozzi and Nubia reassure me it’s fine but…is it?

…Sanguists everywhere…both my Sons are out there fighting…

..Zosar is lost to us. How did this happen? When did he…

…Rest my beloved Ozzimandias, I will be with you soon, I can feel it. Let me get Abraxis settled in a ruler and then I will take that sweet poison and our servants will seal our tomb forever!

This last bit must be remembered should Emperor Ozzimandias rise again to make The Empire great again. He is to be the last true ruler of The Hassani Lands. Abraxis is no Emperor and the generals cannot keep peace with each other. They are breaking up and dividing the land with it!

As one last favour to The Last True Emperor I am to drink this poison then take my place in the tomb that will be sealed forever behind me. I hate what the Empire has become and those people who are out there are not my people. May all Hassani hereafter become my enemy!