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The Book of the Dead

Lament, ye who read these words, for the Pharaoh is dead! Know that in these pages lies the final duty all who rest under his service and protection must perform, to ensure all his souls shall be shepherded to their final rest.

In this tome lies power arcane and terrible, to walk into the plane of souls, the land of darkness and shadows. Fear the spirits within, for the wandering dead hunger for the land of the living! Bring your finest warriors, priests and spellcasters, your most knowledgeable tracker, ye who seek to guide the soul of the great OZZIMANDIAS to his adjudged rewards in the Plane of Balance.

Gather thee the following, for to harness the power of THE BOOK OF THE DEAD without such is to join the great OZZIMANDIAS in death!

Thou has the first item of thy need, THE BOOK OF THE DEAD, if thou readst these pages.

Find ye salt, wealth and profit of the far away seas and oceans, to preserve and protect thy meat of thy mortal forms as thy souls transcend this realm.

Find ye the Blessed Chalk to mark out the CIRCLE of power, prepared with this tome, and enrich it with arcane powers.

Find ye the wrappings and bindings of the mortal form of OZZIMANDIAS, to guide the power to unwrap and open the prison of his SOUL and release it into the realm of SHADOWS.

Find ye the brain of OZZIMANDIAS, in which the divine spark resides, to call upon his great gods for aid!

Last, find ye the EYE OF HORUS, for none can walk the path of planes without the protection of the divine.

Gather these items in this place come the fall of dusk, for none can enter the place of SHADOWS whilst RA rules the mortal plane and place them within the CIRCLE of power. Surround and give to the circle a token of BLOOD for each who seek to take up the task of guiding and judging the SOUL for none can leave without SACRIFICE.

Choose ye which of your number shall guide the SOUL through the plane of SHADOWS, and which shall judge the SOUL in front of the 42 stern judges. Know ye if either of thy number fail, the SOUL of the great OZZIMANDIAS shall be forefeit to the terrible power of AMMIT and be devoured, and all his subjects shall be cursed to walk forever in this world