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The Binding of Nas’chi

It can be argued that Emperor Ozzimandias’s greatest ally is that which he and his team of summoners brought into this realm from the sands. We should give thanks to Na’schi, Lord of Sands for it is he who has created our great Empire under the watchful eye of Ozzimandias’s most skill for summoner, Emhotep.

Na’schi gives protection from any of Set’s followers by commanding the very sands to block their path and even directed bad storms away from towns and cities so that they won’t be destroyed. He ensures no harm will come to the people and uses his lesser demons to ensure the order of the land are adhered to. He can create and destroy our buildings, he keeps us safe.

The great demon lord commands lesser spirits to sate his need for power and is permitted the occasional tribute to keep his binding strong!

All who opposes Ozzimandias beyond his ability of reason will feel the wrath of Nas’chi!

While always the last resort, Nas’chi is a threat no one should allow themselves to suffer. Take Ozzimandias’s compromise instead as that will ALWAYS benefit you more than the Lord of Sands will!

While his binding is scheduled to end with the death of The Emperor, arrangements have been made out of earshot of the spirit to ensure he protects the great tomb for eternity!

Emperor Ozzimandias does not feel the standard tomb traps are enough to keep him safe for his return. Only with the help of his faithful spirit Nas’chi can he be sure none will enter his tomb.

May all who enter the tomb of Ozzimandias beware! The Lord of Sands protects what he must and destroys those who do not belong!