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The Rosetta Declaration

Hear ye, assembled tribes of Elves and Humans who read these words, and know of the great accord made between the Tribe of Rosetta, and the Empire of the Hassani. Take heed of the knowledge and wisdom laid down in the makings of peace and take these examples to heart when you return to your own lands and villages and enter your own struggles.

The Tribe of Rosetta hereby yield all claim to the Hills of Xenia and Zenobia for now until the end of time. The Empire of the Hassani hereby yields its rights to the mountain passes of the eastern watches in turn. Members of both the Rosetta and Hassani may pass freely through each others lands for the purposes of study, trade and developing bonds of friendship between the two peoples. The Rosetta and Hassani shall send a permanent delegation to each other’s seat of power to encourage the exchange of cultural knowledge and resolve further disputes without resorting to bloodshed.

Signed below on behalf of the Tribe of Rosetta
Astariel, High Spellsword

Signed below on behalf of the Hassani Empire
Laurence Strong, General of the Rhino Legion