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Armour Standards (New)



Real or Fake fur or animal hide. No minimum thickness. Thick polyester fleece is acceptable.

Thin leather

Real or fake leather under 2mm thickness

Light suede

Real or fake suede under 4mm thickness

Padded canvas

Double layered canvas stuffed, quilted


The material has been backed and improved with IC or OOC reinforcement making it more rigid, thicker and heavier.


Metal studs have been added onto the facing surface as either part of the construction, holding layers & panels together, or as decoration.

Thick leather

Semi flexible leather, real or fake, over 2mm in thickness

Cuir boile

Rigid leather over 2mm in thickness


Steel or any metal rings connected either one in four or more pattern.

Splint, laminar, and scale

Plates of metal, cuir boile, or lacquered hardwood, layered to provide protection.


Large pieces of rigid metal held firmly in place by straps or other methods.


The phys rep is constructed of a non-standard material for ooc reasons, but looks authentic. Example:String or woollen chainmail, foam or polycarbonate plate armour, vegan leather. The OOC reasons can include (but are not limited by) cost, OOC health/medical reasons, religious and ethical beliefs. Unless there is a pre-agreed reason the phys-rep could not count as the full value, the full armour value should be assigned, but the character or monster wearing the physrep should try to move and roleplay as if the material was of the standard material. Failure to do so may be grounds for negative points.

All armour phys-reps should be safe to wear and to strike with larp weapons and hand attacks. Therefore


For the armour to qualify for armour points on a location it

Location Coverage
Torso >50% (Breastplates are the minimum)
Arms and Legs >25% (Bracers and greaves that cover the front of the forearm and the front of the shin are the minimum)
Head >10% (A neck gorget with a raised rim or a hood around the neck are the minimum)


There is no requirement for the two armour layers to overlap, cover each other completely or not overlap at all. The skill is in the two armour types complementing each other in anyway the character chooses as long as the minimum coverage is met for each layer.

Superior / Inferior

Occasionally a piece of armour will be classed as inferior (-1 or -2 Armour value) or Superior (+1 or -1 dex penalty) This armour does not have to look better or worse than other armour on an OOC basis. Likewise OOC high quality armour does not automatically mean superior.

The following table gives examples of acceptable armour for various armour values and locations. It is not exclusive.

Armour Value/Location Materials Arms Legs Head Torso
1 Furs, Thin leather, light suede, padded canvas Suede jacket sleeves Fur leg wraps Indiana Jones hat Arming jacket, gambeson
2 Reinforced thin leather, reinforced light suede, thick leather studded thin leather, studded padded canvas, cuir boile Archery bracer Thick leather trousers Leather helmet
3 Reinforced thick leather, thick studded leather
4 Chain Chain half-sleeves Chain-hosen Coif Chain tabard
5 Splint, laminar, scale
6 Plate Steel bracers Breastplate