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A Pathfinders Guide to Creatures

Kingdom Citizens

If you do not know how to recognise these races I suggest you wander around Capital City for a few hours.

Non Kingdom Races


Goblins are typically smaller than the average humanoid and can be identified by bright green skin, long pointed nose and high squeaky voices. They are usually weaker than humans, found in tribes and are often cowardly. Their leaders are typically the tribe’s witchdoctor or shaman. Several sub species exist but are encountered more rarely, Tree Goblins (similar to normal goblins but with some abilities usually used by Tree Druids) and Rock Goblins (tougher and stronger than normal Goblins with some abilities from the school of Earth) have been reported seen in recent years. Not typically much of a threat to a patrol except in overwhelming numbers.

Orcs are typically larger, stronger, but less intelligent than the average human, can be identified by dark green or brown skin, typically gruff voices and make good warriors. They are found in tribes, these are usually warlike and aggressive they are frequently enemies of the kingdom barring a few notable tribes. They are lead by their Chieftain, usually the strongest Orc in the tribe although they are sometimes found in the employ of others (such as someone who could defeat their chieftain or could offer the Orcs something they wanted). Can be a serious threat to patrols as their tribes can be well organised, well equipped with armour and weaponry and be of considerable size.

Large Humanoids

Ogres are similar to Orcs except are even larger, stronger, tougher but having considerably less intelligence than the average human. Usually found either solo, in a small family group or working for another group (such as a group of Orcs). Typically they have dark brown skin, with protruding tusks and often a horn like protrusion on their forehead. They are typically a challenge for less experienced patrols and frequently use large weapons to take the best advantage of their great strength.

Trolls are similar to Ogres in many respects, the main difference is the Troll’s ability to heal extremely quickly (even in combat). They are typically very large humanoids with bright green skin and a large pointed nose. Similar in intelligence to Ogres the crucial thing is to ensure that a Troll is definitely dead, by removal of the head if necessary. Troll subspecies have been occasionally seen, these are Fire Trolls (with an affinity to fire) and Night Trolls (very rarely seen, further information would be useful to this guide). The two sub species are typically much more deadly than the typical Troll. A typical Troll like the Ogre can be a challenge to less experienced patrols, when fighting one it is crucial to kill it as quickly as possible due to their self healing ability. Leave one alone for a few minutes and it might have healed all wounds dealt to it.

Other Races

These are dark skinned Elves, typically with bright white hair which is usually the first thing to be spotted at a distance. Usually only seen at night or in underground tunnels (where they are believed to live). Any Drow seen on the surface can be assumed to be an extremely high threat group, with reports of Demonology, Necromancy and Dark magic often used. The female Drow appear to be the leaders and often Priests, their male warriors/mages are often highly trained, extremely fast and will lay down their lives for the females to escape.

Ratmen appear to be some form of Rat/Humanoid crossbreed, with high pitched voices and cowardly demeanour. In large groups they are much braver and will attack smaller groups fearlessly.


Most carnivorous animals are aggressive if you enter their territory, will sometimes attack lone humanoids and can be more wary around large groups or loud noises. All have claws so larger weapons allow you to keep them at bay if you are attacked. Dire and Giant versions of some animals have been reported, these are larger than normal and are typically extremely aggressive. These will be the apex predators of the local area and will have little to fear. Some animals have demonstrated significant ability to jump, in some cases entirely over a defending Guard to attack those he is guarding.

Pack hunters which will work in small groups to separate a single target from a group in order to surround it.

Typically found solo in the wilds, they are strong and have a tough hide making them difficult to kill.

Large Cats
Seen rarely, they are typically seen alone.

Rarely a threat unless a Dire or Giant species, these can be larger than a man, can be found in large numbers and are quite dangerous.


Corporeal Undead (with bodies)

These are the dead bodies of (usually) humanoids reanimated by a spirit from the plane of tortured souls. They are typically stronger and tougher than the being when it was alive but much slower and without much skill. As such they are not much of a threat to a Patrol unless they outnumber it, a Zombie can be parried easily and run from if necessary. They are typically created by a necromancer but can occur naturally, it is unknown at this time what might cause them to appear naturally. Zombies follow orders given exactly and literally, there is no intelligence in them.

These are the skeleton of a (usually) humanoid reanimated by a spirit from the plane of tortured souls. They are much faster than a zombie, with better reactions although typically less strong. The main thing to ensure when fighting skeletons is to use a blunt weapon (such as a mace or staff), swords and the like typically glance off the Skeleton’s bones with little effect. Skeletons follow orders given exactly and literally, there is no intelligence in them.

These were once living cannibals but have since become undead. Typically cunning they have little intelligence and are cowardly. They have large claws which can paralyse their enemies which is a major threat to those not strong enough to resist it.

Incorporeal Undead (without bodies)

All of these have no physical form so cannot be hurt by any normal weapons, however magical or miraculous damage from weapons and other effects can still hurt these creatures. Alone or in groups these creatures are typically quite threatening depending on magical or miraculous support.

Creatures made of darkness and shadows, rarely seen in the daylight (unless in very heavy shade) they are usually seen in the night or underground (if seen can be used for spotting a creature of darkness moving at night). Typically their touch drains the strength from the target, resulting in serious problems in those not strong in body. They primarily kill by touch, attacks going though physical armour as if it’s not there. However they can be dodged if the target is sufficiently skilled.

Similar to Shadows except their touch kills faster and these creatures do not have the strength draining touch. They are usually intelligent and occasionally portray themselves as helpful, it is believed that these creatures need to do something (usually personal) in order to die properly and pass on.

Less rarely seen are a sub type called Warrior Ghosts, these interact with the living by possessing the living or dead and attack wearing this form, when moving between bodies they are invisible which makes them difficult to deal with.

Intelligent Corporeal Undead

Death Knights
This is the body of a powerful warrior reanimated into a skeletal form, they appear to retain all their skills and are usually difficult to damage in part due to the amount of physical armour they continue to wear. A serious threat to any party, they typically need to be destroyed several times before they are permanently destroyed and stop reforming.

These are the minds of dark priests or necromancers which continue to inhabit their own dead body, usually appearing as an intelligent skeleton. These are very dangerous creatures, particularly if allowed to cast uninterrupted.

These appear to be something similar to an intelligent zombie increased in bandages, some are more susceptible to fire than others.

These are strong-minded indivduals who’s spirit refused to let go of their body on death. The strain of maintaining their link to their body weakens their mind, but they are as knowledgeable and skilled in death as they were in life. Unlike other undead, wights are not animated by necromancy in the conventional sense and their bodies will never regenerate if they are put down. Wights may be skeletal or cadaverous in appearance, depending on how well the spirit protects the form from decay. Wights may show resistance to either sharp or blunt weapons, but not generally both.

Other Creatures

Other Planar Creatures

Demons are creatures from another plane summoned onto this one by demonology, typically they are extremely chaotic wanting to cause death and destruction wherever they are. Some appear to be aligned to a spell school in addition allowing them to use those magics to attack. Most have sharp claws, weapons or destructive effects which they use to attack, although what method they use exactly is extremely variable.

Seen subtypes include Fire, Ice/Water, Earth, Air, General Magic, Dark and War (extremely dangerous).

Rarely seen these are summoned elemental spirits of some description moving a body of their element. Summoned by powerful mages, they control their element so they can use all the powers of their spell school.

Fire elementals are typically destructive, Earth are slow and hard hitting, Air are quick moving, and Water elementals can rust any metal object near them.

Magical and Miraculous Creatures

Shambling Mounds
These are walking mounds of vegetation animated in some fashion by druidic power, reports indicate some of these have been seen to be undead in some fashion possibly due to the dead bodies found inside some mounds. Being mainly fashioned from bushes, branches and mulch they need to be cut apart, bashing with a blunt weapon is seldom effective.

These are female creatures from the path of nature, believed to be linked to a single tree and extremely protective of it. Have some limited mental control powers near to their tree but will viscously attack anyone who harms it with their claws. Male creatures in a similar vein have been reported, these are called Hamadryads.

From a distance these appear to merely be a tree and in many respects they are. Extremely powerful creatures of nature they are rarely seen but in combat they are very powerful, with all the great strength of a tree but still fast moving.

Some believe these to be natural creatures, others believe them to be of magic, and still others believe they are of the path of nature. All agree they are extremely annoying although generally friendly, they appear to be linked to one of the elemental schools and can cast from that school. They may be linked to the Fae (below) in some way that is yet unknown as some Fae appear to look after them.

Extremely powerful magical beings, some appear to be linked to a single element while others more than one. Not native to our plane they may live in one ‘nearby’ allowing them easy access, in particular those taken by the Fae report periods of missing time or returning before they left. Reports indicate making bargains with them is a bad idea. Threat level is extremely variable but likely to be high.

These are typically statues animated through magical means, in some cases it is extremely difficult to tell if an inanimate statue is a Golem until is starts to move. Typically extremely strong these creatures are often quite slow and ponderous making them easy to avoid in open areas.

By Pathfinder Overcaptain Sturm (Retired)